AN-24 to V 7.40 (Paint by V 9.00 in the archive). Four years of my young years and becoming a pilot, at the «Gorbatov». It could not have done.
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Интересно на X11 будет работать? JohnHomo, 6 months ago, #
Lord, how to run on 9.4? vetroff, 9 years ago, #
nice machine. Although practice on turbovinte what-if) by the way, you can try to repaint? A380YURY, 10 years ago, #
Legko.Budut questions, explain. yuriy757, 10 years ago, #
UPRT less than 20 in-flight would not recommend to put only on the ground. There gate latch, drop a fly. Enjoy your flight! yuriy757, 10 years ago, #
summer and I am glad ^ ^ b00blik_bratsk, 10 years ago, #
Friends! It certainly long, but I am still interested in your opinion! Leave your messages on my writings. Sincerely Yuriy757! yuriy757, 10 years ago, #
Home​l?action=comments&;id=17097&hl = yuriy757, 10 years ago, #
Dear sozdatelm samletov for X - please apply to their models of the panel. I would like to look like it inside. КурсМП, 10 years ago, #
Inside all that is needed​s/95/img17913_3.jpg yuriy757, 10 years ago, #
Sunny, thank you! КурсМП, 10 years ago, #

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