I am glad that I was honored to do the promo video of the finest script for FS2004, ever made in Russia. I beg to love and favor, a new scenario for the airport from the city of Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Team. Your Intel_Rus
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→ Date: 8 years ago (01.04.2011 14:23)
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Clueless videos, music prepohabneyshaya santamaria, 8 years ago, #
santamaria, dam its "prepohabneyshuyu" rotyaku! Yanchukoff, 8 years ago, #
: / Intel_Rus, 8 years ago, #
No, well, e-my. The man tried doing such a beautiful video, all delivered normal estimates, and what it blyadina still slapped one .!>((((( UHWW, 8 years ago, #
jamo also tried. arseniy5, 8 years ago, #
arseniy5, yes they are all done! I thank them very much, I personally very much liked it! UHWW, 8 years ago, #
You even sarcasm in my post been caught. arseniy5, 8 years ago, #
arseniy5, to me personally on the drum, over whom you laugh. The main thing that I liked the video. UHWW, 8 years ago, #
Who nafig important to your opinion, dolt? vitaminarado, 8 years ago, #

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