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Dushanbe International Airport Scenery
The scenery is in an development stage at the moment, but we were asked to publish it by the Worldflight 2019 event.
Since the scenery has no taxi and runway lights on it right now, it temporarily can`t be flown in night time.
However, the next updates will include all fixes and additions, including the lights.
→ Size: 101 MB
→ Date: 3 months ago (07.11.2019 00:04)
→ Uploaded by: Vitfly24 (uploaded 6 files )
→ Approved by moderator: Ляпучка
→ License: License file included in archive
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У меня трапы мерцают, это как то лечится? azam373, 3 weeks ago, #
Thx ~Anonymous~, 3 months ago, #

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