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The most iconic airplanes ever built? These five airplanes are among my personal favorite airplanes and whenever one of them is expected nearby I try to film them in action. The Boeing 727, Dc10, Md11, L1011 and TU154 are slowly becoming extinct which is extremly sad. I filmed the L1011 in 2011 and it was my last encounter with this aircraft type. Currently there is just one L1011 active in the world

ну а что сказать... есть достижения ...есть
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→ Date: 4 months ago (12.08.2019 22:09)
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! Kludde, 3 months ago, #
И вам спасибо, за то что смотрите. Было бы лучше если бы Вы, выложили свою панель Ил-76(и остальное). Мечты, мечты...

And thank you for watching. It would be better if you posted your IL-76 panel (and the rest). Dreams... Dreams...
~Anonymous~, 3 months ago, #
...Waiting for the train that never comes. Kludde, 3 months ago, #
Так и есть... Но возможно изменить что то... ~Anonymous~, 3 months ago, #
Thank you, I loved it! edetroit, 3 months ago, #

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