Whew ... We thank God for the executive ... And I thought we up to it and nedokatimsya =)) So let's Sanya - Single gazku and taxiing on vzlёtku. That's right - ore conclusion deducible ore small - only neochen much. Do not be afraid ... The one-and-a-take-off to which you give ... ore down ... In-oh-oh-t. Finally budged =)) is now displayed in its axial centerline ... By talking conclusions. So ... Pre-flight preparation =) Flaps 5 degrees issued. Predkrylochki followed them yet ... avtobreyk put on takeoff. Lights dumped - burn =)) ANO - includes all systems to the same for them as well ... So ... We fly ... Sanya Separation was carried out at a speed of 160 knots ... and the weather ... Sanya Semyonitch .. . Semyonitch ... And you are there from the tower ... You will know better tama. Tell our Lights are lit and flaps with slats tumbled to their positions according to takeoff? Dspetcher - Board 737 - confirmed! Lights off, lights are on and flashing, but your wings are already waving in all - ready for takeoff! And you're still indecisive =)) ... you could be there ... take off you reshitesya Or Not ... if Bobby gets off the ground il something new show =)) And then you have is not that the whole rig looks attention - all Peronko looking at you and thinking - did he fly Or Not ... Manager you understand - take off! So Sanya displayed again - down there between us two levers - both forward ... Yes, yes it is their =)) so much as forward deduce stronger ... I'm telling you these two levers, then the next move ... Not really porridge ate little ... Mom probably did not feed a child ... Oh-oh-oh-oh well finally - begat =) Keep axial - axial hold a small joystick at the edge of you ... Yes, yes it is him and keep him close to the middle ... Here. So Sanya speed 160 - ... Gently peel themselves fluently and a little bit ... Oh, man - Forgot to adjust the pitch ... Well, never mind work a little helm ... So Sanya - now a bit of a ... First of o-t ... Now keep him ... That's it! 1 Manager and colleagues - Well, finally gave birth to pilotik ... And I really thought that my mother fed him a little porridge ... 2 Peronko - art - V. ... V. ... A Look-ka ... No wonder we are thee were working with him more than 2 hours ... Look - took off all the same ... 3 Boeing - 737 - The commander of the co-pilot - Oh, and control the same Bobik ... 4 crew of the Tu-134 Hmm ... it would be Bobby in five people in the carriage - has long been to the mind to reason youngster learned =)) Curtain!
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Ха...Пьяные мужики скорее всего до конца не могли решить кто поведет самолет... Barsum_A320, 4 years ago, #
Неа . Это я просто вечерком выполнял регулярный рейс очередной и при этом как не покушать прям за клавой за игрой =)) Вот и отвлекался с игры на еду с еды на Взлёт =)) А идея эту историю пришла от хорошего настроения =)) FlightSA-214, 4 years ago, #
Я че то вообще не понял! Это что??? Нафига выкладывать то что нет доступа? Модераторы удалите! Android, 4 years ago, #

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