Ben Gurion International Airport (LLBG) in Tel Aviv Very well done! At the aircraft parking and 747 small aircraft. To replace the default!
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На скрине не скрин, а фото...
Жрет фпс сурово. На некоторых стоянках самолеты оказались на траве, которая вылезла поверх асфальта.
ВПП ИМХО остались дефолтные, а в реале есть отличия от дефолта, можно было поправить.
Новых 3D объектов много, очень.
ICanFlyMan, 4 years ago, #
be there to fly the B-17), thanks cashka, 6 years ago, #
good work MArcusH, 7 years ago, #
tnx bennyk, 7 years ago, #
nice airport omribensh15, 8 years ago, #
Good job! As noted in the process: In the stands in the parking lot fishing rod can vporotsya trolley when taxiing to the parking lot, some may again run into the invisible object. When taking off from the strip 26 in, because of its peculiarities in taxiing to line up a big turn for takeoff on a single steering much and the most wonderful, that "to operate a" fishing rod turns on the steering much more where there are fishing rod at the preliminary estesno rested his nose on the nose. As a result, traffic - and disappears again all in a circle. In consequence of these fantastic locks on the ground, all traff in the air flying in a circle like flies over the city. "Owing to the impossibility of landing. Personally, I was sent to 8 times a second until psihonul and sat on the other lane. And more - ILS on the 26th starts a near strip (left). DIR, 8 years ago, #
and defaulted so - at 26 to the left;) ICanFlyMan, 8 years ago, #
Nea ... I have everything ok honestly speaking ... and the script and afkad and all Israel there are all ok ... SNICKERS, 7 years ago, #
thanks serfat, 9 years ago, #
but why 3? ZA09, 9 years ago, #
TNX tranzit_il, 9 years ago, #

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