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Cool videos! Let's! To ChkRus - in this case with the 2 person crew, the captain decides to himself and puts himself - and therefore reports only CARE. The red light flashes on the screen, demonstrated the course, but by Sima at Boeing is that only one I remember - BPRM (they called it on another, the essence of one) - they just pass him at that time. If you say - why is not sound, as in Sime - they were off to the rest of the markings to hear:) From the cry of the drive is no sense in this case. RAID, 10 years ago, #
Spasibo bolsoe, pocase takie roliki, est na cto posmotret i pri horosem kacestve Evald, 10 years ago, #
ZNAYu.Eto NOT matter to the real pilots. Valera, 10 years ago, #
excellent video! was little turbulence or gusty wind? ps A couple of questions, when GPWS (?) said minimums, then the CF should not talk types get / go? What's the red light flashes from the F / O on top near the handwheel (01 : 57) - (02:02)? ChkRus, 10 years ago, #
Excellent videos. polarfox, 10 years ago, #
The secret:)) Valera, 10 years ago, #
And what if the shot is not a secret? Himself to fly, too, or simply asked for permission to shoot? Beautifully turned out. Maxibon, 10 years ago, #

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