Traffic airline Aeroflot in 1991 and all foreign airlines flying to the Soviet Union. Made by a real schedule, operating on August 1991 - the time of the collapse of the USSR. All beads are involved in traffic correspond to the real depth, working in the same year in the respective airlines. Time in traffic is established, taking into account the FS Real Time for the summer period (+4 GMT). Compared with the previous version, this made for ttools v. 2.0.2 for FS2002 and FS2004. The main changes from previous version: 1. All of the calendar week and made, (a previous version ttools only allows you to set daily flights), which brought traffic to a reality by 100%. 2. More than 300 cities in the former USSR. 3. The new flights including the L410 aircraft, the An-2, AN-8 AN-26 and Mi-2 and Mi-8.
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Проделана большая, снимаю шляпу. Но мне не понятно, а откуда берутся данные? Например по Витебску есть лишь какой-то рейс Витебск-Минск. Тогда как я точно помню минимум Витебск-(Москва)Быково и Витебск-Ленинград(Ржевка). Прошу не принимать как претензию, но мне интересен источник инфы. RomanR, 6 years ago, #
All normal traffic is more or less close to real. Author respect for the enormous GEMINI, 10 years ago, #
Thanks Oleg! Do summer 2006 schedule for the ac Armavia Armavia, 12 years ago, #
Thank you for your work, Oleg! Коммандор, 12 years ago, #
With regard to Krasnodar, all correspond to reality, even numbers bortov.Tolko why GMT is +4, while the sim reads it as 2? Boeing, 13 years ago, #
I thought easy to set - is like a dip in the atmosphere of our intensive operations. However, the coordinates of the airports do not coincide with my FS2004. Perhaps a package of initial preparation for FS2002? Yet many airports do not have to look at Sime. prjnik, 13 years ago, #
The side rooms are not possible. In Ivanovo, I did not see either 65550 or 65928 or 65722 and so on. AN-24 there were at least 6 and not 3. An A-2 about 10. Three just-for-work AIGN, 13 years ago, #

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