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draws a girl | Rating: 4.8! Misc Video

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man draws a girl from scratch in Photoshop in an accelerated mode of reals not otlechit, watching all
→ Filename:
→ Size: 10 471kb
→ Date: 5 years ago (20.04.2011 22:18 MSK)
→ Author: Nico di Mattia
→ Uploaded by: -АНДРЮХА- (uploaded 38 files)
→ Approved by moderator: SLAVJAN
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 270 time(s)
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3 years ago
По-моему, использован Фотошоп или иная графическая программа в режиме преобразования изображения (например - фото или законченный рисунок) в рисунок карандашом. Последовательно записаны этапы преобразования. Затем показано в обратном порядке. И получается рисование с нуля до реалистичного изображения [+1]
Zorgair (3 years ago): Да ладно!?...фотошоп?))) А как вы догадались?))))) [+1] *(Google translated)
@ntuan (3 years ago): Симка нет, ты не прав. Есть люди, которые рисуют а не преобразовывают в обратном порядке. Как на бумаге рисуют руками, так же и в фотошопе. Незачем преобразовывать с готового на ноль - это тупизм. есть умелые люди, кот рисует с нуля в фотошопе, как на бумаге. *(Google translated)

4 years ago
 5  COOL

4 years ago
Нарисовано это с помощью планшета (изначально). И рисование на планшете от реала хоть и отличишь, но отличается оно не так уж и сильно. За работой талантливого художника в реале наблюдать гораздо интересней, уверяю вас. Ничего удивительного в этом ролике нет. И да, зачем он на авсиме, я не понимаю. Хотите я еще сотню, а то и мильйон интересных, но никак не связанных с авиацией роликов сюда залью? Чтобы разнообразить.
Артемий154М (4 years ago): Smuggler, данное видео, как видите, было залито в раздел "Разное Видео". Название говорит само за себя, что в данном разделе имеются ролики, некоторые из них не связаны с реальной и виртуальной авиацией. Ну, во всяком случае, это ваше мнение, только ваше. Лично мне ролик понравился. [+4] *(Google translated)

4 years ago
 5  От реала да, никак не отлечить. Это болезнь серьёзная. От волчанки можно отлечить, от гриппа, от сифилиса. А от реала никак не отлечишь, как ни бейся. [+4]

4 years ago
 5  Потрясающе!

5 years ago
Now if this movie was just brilliantly depicts the livery some sexy, it would probably important for this site! [+1]

5 years ago
 2  Great movie, but it has absolutely not appropriate. And the name of the author PESA left foot, began with a lowercase letter and a check word "difference" forgot.
-АНДРЮХА- (5 years ago): hey yes you goof chtoli Th? [-8] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
Tablet taxis =)

5 years ago
 5  That's better than Paint painted​=uk2sPl_Z7ZU&;feature=related

5 years ago
 5  Finally can fly! A Ruzhot and the truth is not in the village, and there is a crater in the background. [-1]

5 years ago
 5  krasivo.iskrenne always envied people who can so draw on your computer, or on paper.

5 years ago
 5  Nefig yourself [-1]

5 years ago
 5  It's awesome! Seen this video before, but now looked again)

5 years ago
 5  Super cool

5 years ago
 5  Master.

5 years ago
 5  Just a girl instead of the gun had to draw a paper airplane))

5 years ago
 5  Just fucking! Glasses and piece of iron behind obviously superfluous!

5 years ago
Excellent for minor faults can not pay vnimaniya.A regard komentov type this there is no place here only aircraft and is truncated, so this approach can be more than a half section of the forum is easier to remove if chto.Budte Gentlemen

5 years ago
 5  Oh, very impressive! Do not expect Photoshop and this allows you to do. Interesting! [+3]
[email protected]

5 years ago
Underbelly ochchchen male and instead of the lips - hot dogs. [+1]

5 years ago
 5  Cool =) I have a friend also paints in Photoshop.

5 years ago
 5  Here's what he was doing Photoshop, animating))) [+6]

5 years ago

5 years ago
Where avsim rolling ... [+2]
KuZ9a (5 years ago): already slipped [-1] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
This video I was sent here for the sake of diversity, and in no case would not clog the Avsim, but in the end I stayed cattle, according to shkolota. Obvious visible distinctive border shkoloty by serious people, based on komentov. Thank you all for komenty and evaluation .......( minus) [+12]
An_Shaitan_24 (5 years ago): Well, why do it here? It can safely look at the tytrube. There is absolutely inappropriate and not interesting, as was mentioned earlier would be better if he was so good and fast layout is liveries. *(Google translated)
RAID74 (5 years ago): cattle you, no one called. you have a problem with self-esteem? you just said your opinion - this video is not the issue. Remember the future, and calmed down. You have a strange reaction to the criticism - like a red rag to a bull:))) Simply need to be;) [+2] *(Google translated)
Roma1364 (5 years ago): kswah Zapariy spoil the reputation of shkoloty! [+2] *(Google translated)
sanek_tu (5 years ago): author Bazaar Shoki! shkolota shkolota not is a different market! heifers to draw on other sites are learning! " [-2] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
Che, I do not understand? Someone tell me? And as her symbol to add? Individual scripts in the library? This is, in the sense of the stewardess? Help, guys!
RAID74 (5 years ago): No - it's traffic - must be convertible through Ttools! :)) *(Google translated)
alik_tequila (5 years ago): Just think of scary that he expects to soon file archive of our site ... What kind of heresy, guys? Well, without being there obid.Nu aircraft? Oh man hudozhnik.Horosho draws. Come to us this why? Where to watch the moderators? *(Google translated)
pro100gamer (5 years ago): Anywhere they're not looking, it seems that the moderators do not care deeply for a file archive. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  carpet in the background is not enough [+4]
Mihail Stepanov (5 years ago): 100500! Dude you're in the TOPIC! :-)) *(Google translated)
Roma1364 (5 years ago): Gee =))) *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  He should have livery and painted panels so! 1 [+2]

5 years ago
Nice course, but what the hell "it" is forgotten? [+2]

5 years ago
In the sense "of the reals is not otlEchit? This is from kopipasta and illiteracy are not otlEchit. Who evaluation - that put?
-АНДРЮХА- (5 years ago): not clever *(Google translated)
aiRoNemoderator (5 years ago): pralno, why try to be clever? better to be stupid illiterate cattle. [+4] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
On the graphic tablet drawing. This mouse does not do))) [+5]
alshe (5 years ago): That would see an accelerated clip to create a plane in the PM or a blender or AC3D or max ... *(Google translated)
arseniy5 (5 years ago): It is advisable not accelerated, but slowed down, with a detailed explanation of each action. [+1] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Saw a similar video where a girl from Transformers draw from scratch in the same Makarov. Wow!

5 years ago
 5  I wish he drew us a livery! [+8]

5 years ago
 5  Biting. At no livery paint-)

5 years ago
 5  Chaliapin in life
Andreyanblch (5 years ago): I'll probably surprised, but Chaliapin sang in life ... [+1] *(Google translated)
Vladimir_76 (5 years ago): "Well, all drawing? - Yes, I draw, Comrade Ensign - Well Draw, draw, Chaliapin .." (Article arm. Anktd.) [+1] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 1  Finally, the contents of the site DEMIART got to avsima !!!!* facepalm *!!!! What will be the next ????!!!!!! [-2]
arseniy5 (5 years ago): Prone to be. [+7] *(Google translated)
-АНДРЮХА- (5 years ago): and you specifically what the paper does not like it? personal dislike can leave with you, this section is different, I looked in that section is before you spread this product ... Maybe you are indifferent to the female sex? *(Google translated)
Bubnov (5 years ago): Ah, my favorite avsim: Well, how to pass and do not give a shit in the estimates, for no apparent reason ... Gaze of someone already stayed too long in an Internet ... [Sori for offtopic] *(Google translated)
GRAFF (5 years ago): IN OTHER laid videotak or otherwise associated with aviatematikoy. How would the site AVSIM already implies that the information content continues to be AVIATION. *(Google translated)
RAID74 (5 years ago): answer in order: for Photoshop has forums and sites about photoshop, porn is for sites about porn, for those who shoots weddings - there videorezhisserskie forums and video editing. Andryukha - I have no personal animosity. I agree with GRAFF 101%! Well let's start here video from GTA upload or Fallout?! Bobnov - my number - it's not "shit in the estimates - it is a well-deserved score for" shit in the file library Offtopic " *(Google translated)
pro100gamer (5 years ago): RAID74 +1 [+1] *(Google translated)
PegasVVO (5 years ago): RAID74 +100 *(Google translated)
SLAVJANmoderator (5 years ago): RAID74 relax and enjoy what he saw:) [+6] *(Google translated)
aiRoNemoderator (5 years ago): Avsim continues to uphold its reputation very messy aviation resources, and moderators of this status, seems quite happy. *(Google translated)
RAID74 (5 years ago): Slavs - the problem is that I've seen enough of that already. To related resources! With Photoshop'm friends for many years. And that's seen many such videos here. Therefore it and wonder. *(Google translated)
Gennn (5 years ago): What you have seen enough, it's your personal difficulties. Worry for my home file server. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Hudozhneg Shishkov!

5 years ago
 5  Ohrinitelno ...!!!

5 years ago
 5  However ... That increase is in the hands of the people of the right places. Wow! Although the gun is really unnecessary.

5 years ago
 5  Talent! Only I would bare her bungled. [+14]
RAID74 (5 years ago): I would then look at what you sarganil:))) for five minutes :))))) [-1] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
Who was going to heal? Confess. [+1]

5 years ago
 5  Talantische!'s Current hair color I do not really algae)), and it would be interesting to know the actual time of drawing it all.

5 years ago
 5  Good for you, he can.

5 years ago
 5  Gorgeous, just had the background sea, sand, palm trees, boat ... Yet let the plane so draw)) gun and goggles tries! [+1]
KJC (5 years ago): glasses and let them remain apart from them or anything. The gun will stop when the rear. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
Guys in real life - they are much simpotichney:) [+1]

5 years ago
avsim, huh?

5 years ago
 5  A true artist! Only the gun is not debility in the subject. [+3]
-АНДРЮХА- (5 years ago): agree, too, points to the furnace, her eyes just superb [+3] *(Google translated)
kswah (5 years ago): Yeah, and Rougeau TOZHYT NOT KCHAMU, and SUPER COURSE, I wonder how much he really her time drawing *(Google translated)

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