File Upload Rules
File Upload Rules

  1. Uploading files that are not allowed to be distributed is PROHIBITED. Illegal software distribution - WAREZ is strictly PROHIBITED.
  2. Name of the file's real author is REQUIRED. If you're uploading file that you didn't create, make sure you've included the real author name, not yourself in Author field. If there are more than one author, make sure you've included them all.
  3. If you are not the author of file, make sure the author doesn't mind it to be uploaded to our site.
  4. Files without screenshots are not likely to pass moderation. If you are going to upload a model or texture, please do not set photos as screenshots. Upload real screenshots.

I confirm that:
The file I'm going to upload is not a COMMERCIAL PRODUCT
I am the author of the file or I will specify the real author name
The author of the file doesn't mind it to be uploaded to