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LHSimulations Free LHPP Pécs Pogány scenery for FS9

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Hello Guys!


LHSimulations is proud to release his second scenery:


Pécs Pogány LHPP for FS2004. This free scenery can be downloaded from our website : www.lhsimulations.hu





Promo video


Pécs Pogány Airport is one of the five international airport in Hungary. The

airport is located 10 km’s from Pécs town. Pécs is the fifth largest city of

Hungary, located on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the south-west of the

country, close to its border with Croatia. It is the administrative and economical

centre of Baranya county. Pécs has been selected to be the European Capital of

Culture in 2010 sharing the title together with Essen and Istanbul. The city's

motto is: "The Borderless City".

There is no default airport in FS2004. Only one freeware scenery existed for the

airport created by our friend Alert. As we LHSimulations created our very first

scenery, Sármellék, the community was eager to help and support us to continue

our job. Middle of 2009 we have contacted the management of the aiport and

they kindly allowed us to visit the airport and to take as many Photos as we

wanted. This opportunity allowed us to create a very detailed scenery with

absolute equality to the reality. As this is our second scenery we were

progressing much faster than before.

This scenery is currently available for FS2004. We are planning to create the

scenery for FSX and for X-Plane but it will take time.



LHS Team

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Thank you, judging by the screenshots are very nice

Forgive me for awful English)

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The promo video looks just great - awesome stuff ,guys! Keep it up with a good work!

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