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Tu144 U Tu244

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Zdrastie, menia zavout Herve, ia franzouskii. Izvinite moi plora rouskii yazik.

Well, big thanks for those who past time around tu144, i love so much this plane.

I work around tu144, and i would like to get the gmax file in order to work with it, to produce the successor of tu144, TU244 (this is my idea). So, I ask from people here the permission to use this file and to modify it.


At this time, I try to write a short form how to pilot the tu144, with the delta wing.

I encounter difficulties around the cfg file, in order to understand the parameter of the motor.

At this origin, the tu144 has a trust of 33000 lbs, but i don't know if afterburner is to be taken in account (in cfg file, static trust) with the original motor.

what is the meaning of fuel_flow_gain=0.0017 ?

The tu144ll has a real trust of 50580 (as I have found this info on the net, motor from TU160).


I encounter also difficulty with TU144cl2, i don't know how to start APU, I receive message that FSUIPC.dll is not registered and I will not have the full function needed by the panel. Somebody can explain this to me, please ?


You can write to me in english or french. I am searching somebody who use Airwrench (please write me for this subject).

Poka, Herve

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