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Velikij Ustyug And Other Questions!

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Can anybody give me some information on ULWU Великий Устюг airport?


I am trying to make some simple scenery files to add the following airports:


ULWU Velikij Ustyug

UUYP Pechora

UUYW Vorkuta

ULAL Leshukonskoye

UKDB Berdyansk

UKFK Kerch


I have found some old aerodrome charts for UUYP and UUYW, but would like more up-to-date information if possible.


I also have some information on most of the others, and an idea of how they look from Google Earth, but some official information would be very welcome! I particularly need information on Velikij Ustyug. All I have is some rough measurements from Google Earth.



The radio chart for Pechora says:

Posadka (Tower?) 119.3 p/p 124.0 p/z

What do the abbreviations п/п and п/з mean?


Also also:

Information about ULAL says the runway is made of "platy" платы. Is this wooden or metal planks?


Spasibo in advance for any help! I'm sorry I cannot write or understand Russian. I did 1 month of Russian at high school (a LONG time ago!), so I know the alphabet... but nothing else!




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OK, I found charts for ULWU.

Does anyone know where I can find charts for ULAL? Please!!

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