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UEEE crash ??

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Sorry I don't speak Russian, but I love your country.

I'm looking  for a good UEEE Yakutsk FSX scenery that does not crash.

I have downloaded 53610-ueee2014-X.zip,,

and ueee-scenery-fsx-1405.zip, I tried but both are the same and  she crashed.

I don't know why??

Thanks for help.

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I'm back for UEEE FSX scenery.

The scenery don't crash anymore, but I don't see any building?

Here my installation.

a) I have downloaded 53610-ueee2014-X.zip,

b) Deziped un free folder

c) Installing in FSX as usual

d) In Ueee\scenery:  UEEE_ADE9_ADE_OBJ.BGL and  Stroenia_FSX.BGL, in .OFF

e) in scenery\World\ UEEE_ADEX_ADE_ALT.BGL

f) The original fsx APX82090  in scenery\1005\scenery saved  in ORIGINAL and the new one replaced in scenery\1005\scenery folder.

g) The project folder removed

And after all this installation I do not see the buildings

Tell me where I was wrong


Thanks for help


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