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Help with Felis' AN-24 FSX conversion

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I am currently trying to get the hang out of flying Felis' AN-24 in FSX. I am already using english cockpit textures but I encountered some issues where I dont know if I am doing something wrong, or it is that way because the plane is still WIP:

- I can't use elevator trim with the usual keys mapped in FSX, so to maintain level flight, I have to fly with around 40 % throttle or compensate with steering up or down.

- I can't get the autopilot to work. When I press "engage" nothing seems to happen, the "power" switch seems to be stuck in the "off" position.

- How complete is the AN-24 systems-wise? If it is, I should be able to use Mike Dart's youtube videos for learning how to set it up, but the plane is still behaving differently in some cases.

- How to make the GPU truck go away again once I used it? I had it connected once and it stuck to the plane even when I was taking off. Trying to remove it with the panel only caused the cable to go away but not the truck.

- Gyro.wav sound is looping as soon as the plane is loaded, I already deactivated the file.


Looking forward to some advice. :)

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