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English only. ;)

Ok. And again, horrible landing on all three without any flare, whatsoever. In real world that would be a prop strike or/and front gear strut failure. I just don't understand, the moment that everybody in real or virtual aviation tries to do good you absolutely neglect. Every single landing in all your videos are horrible, no flare, no roundout, not stable, always on all three. Not that I give a flying buck, but that spoils the whole interpretation of your videos. There, I said it. Lemme guess, flying with mouse and no rudder, and no TQ? That's my only explanation. You need somebody to teach you about stages of approach, if you even care at all. I just figured you would, because you make videos on that theme. Not going to do it myself - there are plenty videos on youtube to teach you that, only few things. Just be at certain speed, stable with proper aoa, know when to start roundout and when to start flare, when to make that transition, after that work with sink and exchange it for the energy that your plane will still have (C152 with full flaps will stall at like 35 knots, I kid you not). That all depends on your inputs and factors around the plane, C172 will still fly at around 40-45 knots with full flaps. The idea is to have 0 energy at touchdown with single engines. When my front gear touches the ground, I have like 35 knots in C172. C182 will fly at around 47-50 knots with full flaps. With these planes you know that you do everything correct if you can't see the horizon with the stall horn buzzing when you touchdown.

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