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Hanami with cherry blossom wallpaper

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Japan is a country with four seasons scenic Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Each season has its own unique beauty. Last spring cherry blossom blooming. Summer is the season of festive fireworks. Autumn is the season of red leaves yellow leaves. Winter wallpaper, the snow covered earth.

Hanami is a cherry blossom viewing festival takes place every year in Japan from March to May 5. United will bloom earlier in the warmer southern regions such as Okinawa. Hanami is a compound of two words "Hana" and "Mi", in which "Hana" means flower (cherry or apricot flowers), "Mi" means watching, watching. Hanami means watching, admiring the cherry blossoms, and is called the cherry blossoms. It is customary to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms, congratulated each other and feel the atmosphere of the Japanese spring. On this festive day, people would gather under the cherry blossom tree, just watching the flowers, just drink. Drinking wine while watching the flowers are "Hanamizake" (a combination two words: Hanami and sake) Places most popular flower viewing include Ueno Park (Tokyo), the island of Okinawa, the peak overlooking the shores of Lake Kawaguchiko Fuji or path philosopher (entrance to the Silver pagoda Ginkaku-ji) in Kyoto.

Often at the end of March, the flowers blooming sakura started from southern Japan, where the climate is warmer, then, gradually radiating to the north. But the cherry blossoms are present in many countries such as Korea, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Austria ... but for the Japanese, the cherry blossom is the national flower to be honored and this flower has become a symbol their countries.

Modern Japanese Hanami tradition has followed them over a millennium. Today, thousands of people flock to the park under the trees eating the cherry blossom season. In modern Japan, cherry blossom season usually coincides right into the new school year and the end of a long holiday, became a convenient occasion for partying wait for better things.


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