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Aircess VA: new virtual airline that operates Russian aircraft

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Dear Pilots,


Aircess virtual airlines is a brand new Virtual Airline, looking for pilots to fly our fleet of mainly Russian aircraft all around the world!


We are the virtual counterpart of Aircess Aviation, a charter airline that existed from ca 1996 to 2001. It became famous for its weapon deliveries to countries and organizations under an arms embargo, breaking sanctions on almost every flight. On the other hand they also delivered humanitarian aid, ferried UN peacekeepers to East Timor and U.S. military equipment to Afghanistan.


Now you can become a pilot for this exciting and sinister airline, delivering legitimate and illigitimate cargo with your favourite Russian aircraft:  our fleet includes Antonov An-8, An-12, An-24, An-32, An-124, An-225, Ilyushin IL-18 and IL-76, and Tupolev Tu-154. 


You will not only visit faraway places, but also learn some new things about the soft white underbelly of arms trading. There's a lot of background info on our site and much of what you will transport is based on real-world arms trading data. Hence our VA is not just a "game" but you can actually learn something from it :)


To see a short promotion video about Aircess VA, click here


We are looking forward to welcome you at Aircess Virtual Airlines

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