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Central Asian Airlines

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Hi everyone. I apologise sincerely for not writing in Russian. Ten years ago I could read and write Russian but I have forgotten much of the language.


My name is Peter Wouters, I am just over 30 years old, was born in Belgium and now live in Australia. I have over 1000 flying hours on IVAO and for the last 6-7 years I have tried to get "Central Asian Airlines" off the ground.


Why a Virtual Airline in Central Asia? Well there's two reasons:

  • I absolutely love the region, can't stop reading about the history, culture, languages and everything else about Central Asia - not just Kazakhstan, but also Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan. And to some extent also Georgia and Armenia, which I think are fascinating places.
  • 7 years ago when I first started this idea, there was absolutely NO-ONE on IVAO who even knew where Central Asia was, let alone fly there. Which I thought was crazy. So rather than starting another European VA, I started one in Central Asia.

Unfortunately, because this region still seems to be unpopular on IVAO, the airline hasn't been too successful. I am very, very keen to get this going, and so through this forum I am hoping that I might find some other people (locals?) interested.


A friendly Kazakh pilot I met on IVAO pointed me in the direction of this website and I hope you are interested in this concept.


Central Asian Airlines is based in Almaty. Initially we used a lot of Tupolev and Ilyushin aircraft but quickly abandoned that idea, because the operation of these aircraft was just too complicated for non-Russian speakers (we used high-tech models which operated in Russian...)


Now, we use a fleet of mostly Boeing, as well as Saab 2000 for short-haul local flights and Embraer 170 for short to medium haul local flights.


We fly all over Central Asia, focussing particularly on Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but definitely also to other Central Asian nations. We also fly to a limited number of European and Australasian destinations.


The beauty of this airline? We are associated with and a founding member of the Global One Alliance (www.globalonealliance.com). This is the biggest Virtual Airline Alliance in the VA world. Other airlines include Arabian, Eurobelgian, Air Serbia, TNT Virtual, and many more. Through this network we connect 3/4 of the entire globe's most important airports and regions, and really proudly promote the world of online flying.


Why am I writing all of this? As I said, I am really keen to keep this airline going and make it better, but I cannot do this alone. I really believe in this concept and believe that it could be one of the best airlines in the VA world (especially with the support of the Global One Alliance). It is also a very novel concept for IVAO - with hardly any airlines operating from Central Asia (with the exception of course of Air Astana and some others).


I am not interested in stealing pilots and staff from other airlines. I don't care if you fly for 3 or 4 other airlines.


I am looking for honest, friendly, dedicated people who want to make a difference and help out here. How much you can contribute doesn't matter so much, as long as you are not a "ghost" pilot who is registered but never flies.


I would love to have some people on board who live in Central Asia and understand the region really well.


Please do take five minutes to go and visit http://www.flycentralasian.com and please tell me (in English!) what you think and how we can improve.


Many thanks! Spasiba!






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quite interesting stuff Peter, I suppose though you could make an announcement in the IVAO section as well. Or should I move this particular thread there for ya?

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Dear Ramirezzz :-)

I will do - but thought it wasn't so bad to put it in the English section as well :-)


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