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  1. SoulFlight

    Ан-24 FSX

    У меня все еще есть проблема, что GDI не работает.
  2. SoulFlight

    Ан-24 FSX

    EzDOK я думаю. я не использую это. Takzhe etot samolet nuzhdayetsya v peredelke Cubana. ;) Я летел с этим.
  3. SoulFlight

    Ан-24 FSX

    Спасибо, но этого не происходит (2:40) :
  4. SoulFlight

    Ан-24 FSX

    В моем открытии самолета крышка «запуска двигателя» заставляет все системы плоскости выключать
  5. Hello everyone, I downloaded that plane a while ago and it was working fine almost all of the time until now. Recently, when I open the "Engine Start" panel cover, the plane resets itself and loses all power, going back to "cold and dark", that also causes the Direction Indicator not to work anymore, even after power is back. Is there some error in the panel.cfg? thanks in advance.
  6. SoulFlight

    Help with Felis' AN-24 FSX conversion

    Nevermind, I got a lot of things sorted out myself.
  7. Hello, I am currently trying to get the hang out of flying Felis' AN-24 in FSX. I am already using english cockpit textures but I encountered some issues where I dont know if I am doing something wrong, or it is that way because the plane is still WIP: - I can't use elevator trim with the usual keys mapped in FSX, so to maintain level flight, I have to fly with around 40 % throttle or compensate with steering up or down. - I can't get the autopilot to work. When I press "engage" nothing seems to happen, the "power" switch seems to be stuck in the "off" position. - How complete is the AN-24 systems-wise? If it is, I should be able to use Mike Dart's youtube videos for learning how to set it up, but the plane is still behaving differently in some cases. - How to make the GPU truck go away again once I used it? I had it connected once and it stuck to the plane even when I was taking off. Trying to remove it with the panel only caused the cable to go away but not the truck. - Gyro.wav sound is looping as soon as the plane is loaded, I already deactivated the file. Looking forward to some advice.