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  1. ce_zeta

    Ан-24 FSX

    Привет брат ¿ Чех? не КЛН был разработан: Роман Петкевич Nick Sharmanzhinov 'голландец' Оуэн Gabor Hrasko
  2. ce_zeta

    Ан-24 FSX

    простите мне мой язык, я говорю 3-х языках, но не русский. для разработчиков только: для пользователей КЛН стабильная версия v0.76B* скачать v0.076B=v0.76B привет
  3. ce_zeta

    problem on An-24 RV

    arkhanov, Last stable version of the KLN-90B is v0.76B and can be found: Github KLN90B project site. or In FS developers forum Thread. Regards.
  4. ce_zeta

    ТУ-134 FSX

    Last source code of Роман Петкевич KLN GPS. https://github.com/KLN90B/KLN90B-GPS-for-FSX-P3D/
  5. Извините, писать на английском It's very sad. A few years ago, the Russian community was strong with a lot of developments. Flight Sim developers ignored Russian aviation but this community developed his own aircrafts and sceneries with best quality than most of the western developers.... Project Tupolev's Tu-154B2/M, Il-62, Kiril and Team Il-86, SCS Tu-134, DZIES An-24, Nikita Konstantinov Tu-144D.... . Most of them, hardcore simulation for FS9/FSX....There are the glory days of this community. When a group of highly skilled people joined around a common hobby and work to deliver the best aircraft developed ever. Source code of the great KLN-90B was published and only an American developer updated the code to the joy of all KLN-90 lovers . Il-2 development for FSX was canceled, now this development is cancelled.....Project Tupolev is still a legend inside Flightsim Community. His Tu-154B2 is still very sophisticated. But all projects are not active, All are dead. Russian aviation had a place in the Flight Sim community. Russian aircrafts were represented in this hobby and demand a place in the history of the aviation. Western people like me, approached to the former soviet engineering philosophy. We discovered russian aircrafts, and we discover that this aircrafts aren't a piece of shit like we learned during the cold war. We learned thanksfully to the Aircrafts developed by you that former Soviet engineering wasn't bad, better, we learned that you used another philosophy, exotic for us, different, but not bad or worse than western philosophy. The time passed, now some of these fantastic gems are old, most of them are only for FS9. We moved time ago to new simulation platforms like FSX, FSX:SE and P3D....90% of this gem are lost, we cannot use it. No more people can learn about your aviation. Now, again, FS aircrafts will be focused only in the Western aviation....Forgotting and omitting all the achievements made by the Former soviet aviation. Only this community can change this destiny, only this community can put the former soviet aviation and now the new Russian aviation in the place which deserver by own merits. Now, more than ever, all people must collaborate like the former glorious days of this community. That is All. Good luck. I hope that this amazing An-24 can be released and bring back this community to the first place. спасибо
  6. ce_zeta

    ТУ-134 FSX

    Какие изменения есть Rikooo? What modifications were made by Rikooo? http://www.rikoooo.com/en/downloads/viewdownload/110/789
  7. ce_zeta

    ТУ-134 FSX

    Совместимость с DX10? возможно?