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  1. hi where is it possible to find and download UNNT(Tolmatchevo)..i have try with " UNNT 2011" FSx but,FSX don't see it in the library thanck you
  2. Thancks for your help,but,i can't have the good result :(............................may be ,i use a bad procedure? I shall try again!!
  3. After installed UEST ,i discover relief probleme(as others scenery in the world) how repare that? :unsure: thanck you i join a screen shoot
  4. Thancks! I have not find USRR chart ,but ,i change ma destination for USTR( which have Nav- Charts!) B)
  5. Hi! I want go to Sourgout ( oaci -USRR ) but i d'ont find charts( Star and Approach).. :( Thanck you for you informations!
  6. Using regular the addons of AVSIM.SU i wanted let a" topic" to express my congratulations to the AVSIM.SU admistrators and the addons créators,for their good job! .. :)
  7. Thanck you for response In fact my FMC- Airbus,the navigation programme is updated to.." 1701cycle - Navigraph ; "But i use the jeppesen data to enter ILS frequencies! is my error :wacko: it seems ! "idem" to B757 FMC (Navigraph updated to 1701 current cycle . ). but ,I shall use to your link!!may be ,it will be teh best solution RNW 25R/07L closed ...........!i have guessed that ! :)
  8. Hi I " meet" problem with approach and landing at UHWW , ILS mode with 25R (jeppesen show loc heading - 250 and 109.7 ) but impossiblity to capture loc and glide system ( with A320 aerosoft and B757 captain sim daat by Navigraph! cycle 1701) the automatique track go to 25L..without guidance! thanck youi for help good flights... B)
  9. No Comment !
  10. hello! Someone can explain to me,why LROP 53079 *2013)has crash problem when i try the départure from a jetway or when,after landing,i use the taxi way and near the arrivalls bloks ; FSX annonce " crash" i precise , i have never doawnloaded another "LROP" from other site! Thanck you for your help! :)
  11. hi! Where is it possible to find this scenery for FSX (UWLW ) ? thanck you! B)
  12. Hi! URAL AIRLINE(nice colors . ,indeed...i like that ) have A320/321 please how and where finf their livry! thanck you
  13. Thanck you ! good ideas.. !I flight often(alternate with CaptainSim- B757) on Airbus of Aerosoft and ,many livries,(as Aeroflot are présents ;but it seems Aeroflot have'nt exploited the B757-200 with their colors! pity!! :rolleyes:
  14. Hi! I research the livrery of AZURAIR for my B757 (CaptainSim) i haven't see this, on their site??can you help me ..? thanck you! if you have another Russian airline compagny ?i Take it!
  15. I was suprised,pleasently,to see,however,this after- noon,on a jetway,which moved , with FSX- key- action !on ULLI freeware! wonderful :rolleyes: !But it will be better, to remember where was the point,to come back! :rolleyes: