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  1. phaeton1946

    UWLW scenery for FSX

    hello IvannO sorry for my later topic response but ..i forget often to look at my own topic!! Спасибо..!!До скорого....я пенсионер(71 older) but i beginn to learn Russia.. . ...
  2. phaeton1946

    UNNT downoload

    hi where is it possible to find and download UNNT(Tolmatchevo)..i have try with " UNNT 2011" FSx but,FSX don't see it in the library thanck you
  3. phaeton1946

    relief problem UEST scenery FSX

    Thancks for your help,but,i can't have the good result :(............................may be ,i use a bad procedure? I shall try again!!
  4. After installed UEST ,i discover relief probleme(as others scenery in the world) how repare that? :unsure: thanck you i join a screen shoot
  5. phaeton1946

    USRR charts

    Thancks! I have not find USRR chart ,but ,i change ma destination for USTR( which have Nav- Charts!) B)
  6. phaeton1946

    USRR charts

    Hi! I want go to Sourgout ( oaci -USRR ) but i d'ont find charts( Star and Approach).. :( Thanck you for you informations!
  7. phaeton1946

    Thanks to AVSIM.SU

    Using regular the addons of AVSIM.SU i wanted let a" topic" to express my congratulations to the AVSIM.SU admistrators and the addons créators,for their good job! .. :)
  8. phaeton1946

    UHWW ILS problem 25 R

    Thanck you for response In fact ..in my FMC- Airbus,the navigation programme is updated to.." 1701cycle - Navigraph ; "But i use the jeppesen data to enter ILS frequencies!............here is my error :wacko: it seems ! "idem" to B757 FMC (Navigraph updated to 1701 current cycle . ). but ,I shall use to your link!!may be ,it will be teh best solution RNW 25R/07L closed ...........!i have guessed that ! :)
  9. phaeton1946

    UHWW ILS problem 25 R

    Hi I " meet" problem with approach and landing at UHWW , ILS mode with 25R (jeppesen show loc heading - 250 and 109.7 ) but impossiblity to capture loc and glide system ( with A320 aerosoft and B757 captain sim daat by Navigraph! cycle 1701) the automatique track go to 25L..without guidance! thanck youi for help good flights... B)
  10. hello! Someone can explain to me,why LROP 53079 *2013)has crash problem when i try the départure from a jetway or when,after landing,i use the taxi way and near the arrivalls bloks ; FSX annonce " crash" i precise , i have never doawnloaded another "LROP" from other site! Thanck you for your help! :)
  11. phaeton1946

    UWLW scenery for FSX

    hi! Where is it possible to find this scenery for FSX (UWLW ) ? thanck you! B)
  12. at a better computter!