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  1. =))) Да вроде норм комп то))) Например в платных сценах (UUEE, EDDF, EDDH, LOWS ... ) таких проблем нету и со светом там всё в порядке) Хотя... в Питере платном, такая же ерунда ночью... ) Надеюсь в новой версии адаптированной под xp11 это вылечат... В любом случае огромное СПАСИБО за ваши сцены. (Краснодар и ЕКБ - Шедевры)
  2. Спасибо за сцены. Но идёт просадка фпс ночью, когда смотришь на терминалы. Похожие проблемы с Уфой, Волгоградом, Самарой, Джербой.
  3. Ну, что ещё реальный пилот будет помогать проекту. Это очень радует. Good Evening all. Sorry to gate crash this forum post! For those of you who don't me I run the flightdeck2sim YouTube Channel, I'm a RW 737-800 Pilot and Type Rating Instructor with around 4000 hours on type. A lot of people have asked me if I could test the Zibo Mod on X-Plane, a simulator which is completely new to me. I’ve spent most of my free time this week getting my head around this new simulator (which I personally think feels more realistic than FSX, flying a variety of different aircraft) and testing ZIBO’s freeware 737-800 (Version 3.24E) and FMOD Sound Pack First and foremost, may I say that for something that has been made for free single handily, this is an absolutely masterful creation. There are of course some differences but you’re getting a good solid package not to dissimilar to the real thing, I must really take my hat off for the amount of work ZIBO has put in and skimming the forum posts there has been some excellent input from the community too! Today after much fiddling, playing and testing around I completed my first flight from A to B and all I wanted to do was give some general feedback to primarily how I feel the ZIBO MOD handles and reacts compared to the real aircraft (excluding the FMS/FMC which I plan on giving more detailed feedback in a later post after more testing). I must apologise if anything has been previously covered, is being investigated or is something I’ve missed (I’m brand new to X-Plane!) and these points are certainly not criticism, just a comparison to the real thing! 1. Taxying – I don’t know if this is something I have missed but putting any significant rudder/tiller input whilst taxying brings the aircraft to a grinding halt! When lining up or turning more than 90 degrees, you would typically bring the nose wheel over the centreline/taxi line and then input up to full nose wheel steering. With the inertia of the real aircraft it should only decelerate slightly and would not need any additional thrust input. Full tiller input requires full thrust to move. 2. LE Flaps took quite a long time to retract after departure. 3. General Handling feels pretty good but roll rate and yaw feels very slow. I’ve seen several previous posts regarding the joystick I use (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) and changed the sliders as recommended. (No stability added and full left on sensitivity sliders). With these settings and toying with other sensitivity settings the aileron and rudder were not as effective as the real aircrafts. (The Real 737-800 is surprisingly snappy, full rudder input will flip the aircraft over even at low speeds and you can roll the aircraft 90 degrees with full aileron input in under 3 seconds). PLEASE let me know if it’s something I’ve done wrong and need to setup. For now crosswind take-offs and landings which I practiced are a little difficult! 4. The flight model feels a little draggy. One of the exercises conducted during the Type Rating is Deceleration from VMO/MMO to 250kts at FL100. The distance covered in still wind and time taken is approximately 1M 30S and 25nm. I found it was half that time and distance testing! It might be the way Parasitic and Induced drag is modelled in X-Plane, I’m no expert when it comes to such things! 5. Speedbrake is VERY effective. One of the most challenging aspects of mastering this aircraft is descent management. The aircraft is notoriously difficult to go down and slow down in, the speedbrake just makes the aeroplane shake around a bit when descending, I’m deadly serious!! It worked a little too well! I flew the test flight just as I would do in real life and I was overall really impressed, the approach and landing worked well and the FMS solid and gets the job done. You can without aa doubt conduct a flight realistically using this incredible piece of work. I must again reiterate these points are NOT to be taken as a criticism, just a direct comparison. I look forward to assisting where I can and once I get my head around X-Plane I look forward to using the ZIBO Mod in some tutorials soon. 2 Questions if I could ask generally, feel free to PM me! 1. Is there an EZDOK equivalent so I can press a button on my keyboard so I can look directly at the correct panel? 2. How do change the default view, when I press SHIFT 9 / W I can’t see the instrument! Wishing you all a pleasant week! flightdeck2sim
  4. В реальном самолете так же https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ioh1GXcI0E6X4gDnU7G232C8wjW9FksN/view
  5. Абсолютно! Более 100 рейсов. Всё работает, как часы.
  6. Зря сюда рекламу не повесили https://www.vatsim.net/events
  7. Ссылку можешь дать? На мэйл облаке не нашёл, хотя в эксель видел, что плитки эти есть...
  8. Спасибо. Можешь сделать Барнаул плитку?
  9. ЛУРы в стандартной плейновской ФМС. Можешь скачать версию 3.06r и будет тебе счастье. Все дальнейшие версии это новая фмс разработанная Зибо. ЛУРы будут, но позже.
  10. Лёха не парься, всё вери гуд. Благодаря таким диспам как ты, я спокоен в небе(и не только в виртуальном ;)), спасибо всей смене! AFL1006.