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  1. Где я его найду sim connect' ?
  2. hello i've fsx se ...when i chose ilyushin il-76 me this two errors Though i have kln90b i downloaded from link please help me
  3. good evening I have FSX acceleration and I downloaded ilyushin il-76MD from this link and put it in a folder FSX correctly but when choose it on game to be brake stopped And the camera will not stop and throttle engines not work however have KLN90B please help me !! thanks
  4. Good evening I have an Ilyushin il-76md but I do not know how to use autopilot because I do not understand Russian languege Please explain me how to use autopilot Even if there are other explanations related to the plane, such as air navigation or how to land, send it to me Because I do not know anything about ilyushin il-76 and thank you
  5. Thank you very much for your help me my friends South_Victor and mskflyer i fly with an-24
  6. Hello every body i downloaded antonov 24 rv from lonk but when selected it shows me a problem and then closes (As in the image ) possible help me .