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  1. Hi guys, can someone inform me in English about the status of the development of the new An24 version? I was involved in the development of the old version (full navigation documentation and some nevigation equipment development) and I am rather excited reading the short news on SamDim Design front page. Gabor
  2. Hi Echer, I immediately answered to you on this, but somehow failed to go through. I can do what you recommend, let's discuss the details, However I would like to build in as much of the new suggestions as possible, so that possibly you do not have to develop the propeller lock logic outside. I have also tried to read your latest comments, but it is rather difficult for me because of the language. Please try to summarize those that relates to logic programming to me in English. You wrote about UPRT and the electornis cwitches for exampe. You can write me directly. Gabor
  3. Status Reporting AUASP is modified as was requested. Now it shows correct value. The critical alpha (red) delimiter is also changed - now it is set to different values if 1/ no power, 2/ take-off mode and 3/ normal mode. I do not have correct values for An24 for the different mode, please send me the three degree values. NAS counters are modified based on Gritsevsky's recommendation. Logically I disagree with the modification and I am not sure it is more correct now. I think I will make my own version a bit later. The original problem is that the "B" counter counts a bit slow (c.c.a. 4%), so on a 100km trip it will show 96km. I think the problem relates to the difficulties of measuring exact time in FS. I try to solve this. Anyhow NAS is not an absolute precise equipment in real live also. I will make it theoretically 100% precise and will add optionally a realistic error of some percentage. As far as I know the NAS doppler system is practically useless above water surface, so we might build this in as a measure of reality - at least as configurable. RSBN/VOR problem - reported by AlexMcCave can be temporarily solved by a config setting, but will be correctly fixed in the next release. We plan to completely separate VOR and RSBN handling, so two VORs and an RSBN would be handled simultenuously. The complete navigation system including the autopilot will be reprogrammed. I already made some tests. I use the built-in FS autopilot logic to simulate most of the An24 AP features. It seems it is working. One of the adventages is that now the autopilot is making coordinated turns, i.e. it is correctly using the rudder during the turns. I started to separate the gauge/panel drawing code from the system code. it will make easier to add/replace gauges. I will also use some technics to reduce the load on the system, so I hope an24 would be able to run with higher frame rates. I started some investigations with the RU-19 APU and 3rd engine as well. I hope we could simulate that also and it will be a starting point of the development of the correct electrical system as well. I would like to see some changes in the Loader as well. Now the loader is changing the aircraft.cfg. It has only effect if you create a new flights when you run FS. If you have a saved flight and you load that one the changes you made in the Loader will not be re-read from the aircraft.cfg. This is not good. It would be better if in the Loader I could select a flight flie (*.FLT) and Loader would save the selected load configuration in the FLT file instead of the aircraft.cfg. This is even safer. The aircraft.cfg contains the position of the seats and that is not changing. In the flight file Loader should only save the exact weights on the seats without position. Who has the Loader code? Can this change be made? That's for now. Please write your ideas precisely on this forum about feature requests. Gabor
  4. It is working correctly if you add the following lines to the stt_navgau.cfg file: [system] system_m=0 This 0 setting will switch OFF the automatic RSBN/VOR selection mechanism in the code. There is only one problem with this. If you have installed the RSBN scenery (stations) and if you fly in Ukraine for example, then if you tune in 116.5 on the VOR panel, then the system will see the "11k RSBN STRY" RSBN station as an ordinary VOR station. This is not very realistic. However if you are disabling the RSBN scenery in your scenery list, then the RSBN stations will disappear. [uPDATE] In the new release I will connect this to the main RSBN power switch. If the switch is ON, then RSBN will receive the precedence, otherwise VOR. Gabor
  5. Huhh, thanks AlexMcCave a lot! I had many problems with this during my flights, but I never realized the real problem. I will check the code and try to fix it. it is VERY important. Gabor
  6. My photo is from an An26 and now I see that there is a difference between An24 and An26 in this respect. I heard from ALESS that Alpha0 was set in the previous dynamics to 0 and now they change it to the correct 3. Let's freeze this issue now for some days, we will check the gauge with the new dynamics. However I have only An26 book, so I am waiting for some info about the following values: Red delimiter (critical Alpha) setting when no power (no electricity) Delimiter during take-off mode (flaps > 5 degree?) Delimiter during normal (cruise) mode Critical angle lamp angle (Alpha > CriticalAlpha - 0.5 ?) Gabor
  7. I revise my statement on AUASP. See my photo I had taken on an An26 a year before: This in fact shows INCIDENT. It means someone has to modify the gauge graphics (numbers) and then I can add 3 degree to each values (the needle and the red delimiter) Gabor
  8. Hi, I received some requests to make an update on the main An24RV navigation gauge. I do not have too much time, but I will do these changes as soon as possible and then we could release a new complete pack with new dynamics. Please help me to summarize the requested changes. Hereby I start listing on the changes the new release will contain: AUASP - some said that the displayed value is wrong, it should be 3 degrees more. I think the present value is correct as it shows ALPHA and not INCIDENT. Incident is the angle of the wing to horizontal. Alpha = Incident – Alpha0, where Alpha0 is the angle between wing and body, that is 3 degree. AUASP should display Alpha, so it is correct. Anyhow I am changing the red delimiter (critical alpha). Now it is 9.5 degree that is possibly correct for cruising, but when flaps >5 degree AUASP goes to takeoff mode and the delimiter should move to 11.3 degree. This is because with flaps Alpha (and incidence) can be higher. I also adjust the warning lamp. It should be on when Alpha > (CriticalAlpha – 0.5). NAS counters are not precise enough due to CPU time used by other applications then FS. There is a modification recommendation from Gritsevski, I can make that. I modified the trim indicator on the AP. Now its range (min and max) can be change in the panel.cfg file as 5th and 6th parameters. In this way its rande can be easily changes for new dynamics. By setting the min and max values correctly the whole range of the trim indicator display can be used. For each new dynamics the main points on the trim scale can be documented (i.e. take-off trim for different CG, cruise trim, approach trim etc.). FS HDG BUG is bound to the GPK52 indicator now. It has two consequences: 1/ you can program your joystick toggle switch or button to AUTOPILOT HEADING BUG INCREMENT/DECREMENT to change GPK52 direction. This is very useful under ATC control to make turns to instructed heading. 2/ Any FMC/GPS applicaton that controls the aircraft through the HDG bug (FS-Navigator or KLN90B) can automatically drive the plane horizontaly (LNAV). For both 1/ and 2/ AP shoould be ON and GPK/GMK/3K switch should be on 3K. Also GPK gyroscope should be ON and should be aligned with GIK (magnetic heading). I have some panel improvements, but this is more a personal issue. We can include some variations. I have the following variations: A new optional panel is designed for 2 monitor setups. This big fullscreen navigator panel for the 2nd monitor displays all navigation and radio equipments including NAS and RSBN. An alternative version has KLN90B included instead of RSBN. All engine and fuel gauges are included on the main panel. I removed the original non-functional weather radar (Groza). I moved the G/Alpha (AUASP) indication there so now I have a much better view from the cockpit. I have heard that there is a working radar now, but I have never tried. Please write me your comments! Gabor
  9. Hi, I copied the package to my server now and it can be reached much faster. It is a temporary solution until someone puts it on avsim.su. http://www.hrasko.com/gabor/fs/SamdimAn24RV_Patch21.zip I also modified the link in the web page: http://an24.uw.hu/ru/index.html ALESS, please find a better place for the big packages! Gabor Hrasko
  10. To Aless Sorry, now I uploaded dynamics 4.3.3 To Vinni It was my mistake, now it should be OK with cyrillic. Gabor
  11. Hi, I refreshed the An24 web page http://an24.uw.hu/ru/ . I need some help to translate the new items on the Russian page. It is just some 5-10 minutes someone from you. I added a complete new sound pack (version 2.0) from Mike Maarse on the BETA page. He made the previous pack also and Agat fixed his sound.cfg. Now this is a complete and new pack. I test it for some months and it is very good. Be careful, it is 45 Mb! I also added some liveries on the LIVERIES page. I fixed the links to the files. Some of them still pointed to the previous slow server. Now it should be faster and more reliable. Please let me know if there is a new dynamics. The latest one on the web page is still version 4.2.7 from July 4 2005. Gabor
  12. Is there any problem reaching the An24 site? Please let me know! Gabor
  13. Hi, Sorry writting in English, but my Russian is rather poor. Also I am not sure I have to ask it here or not. I have problems with the sceneries over CIS (Old Soviet area). I only use one extra package for my FS2004: Site: http://tu154.avsim.su/ files section Filename: http://tu154.avsim.su/files/rsbnforfs9.zip Size: 47 K Added: 01.03.2004 Authors: Андрей Прядко No more sceneries are used yet on that area. This only adds RSBN navaids and the problem occures even if I delete this, so this is not the problem. Though I had run FSNavDBC.exe I have inconsistencies between the standard FS Map view and FS Navigator. There are several cases, for example in UKLI (Ivano-Frankivsk's, Ukraine). On FS Navigator I see: VOR 114,20 IVF VOR 116,95 IF (RSBN from the package above) For RWY 28: NDB 598,0 F NDB 290,0 IF On FS Map view: VOR 114,20 IVF VOR 116,95 IF (RSBN from the package above) For RWY 28: NDB 598,0 F NDB 290,0 IF For RWY 10: NDB 598,0 V NDB 290,0 IV Based on the available charts (http://vatsim.spb.ru/new_maps/Ivano-Frankovsk.zip) FS Map view is more-or-less correct, though if I understand correctlly all four NDBs are in fact compass NDBs only with short range. That's why they coould have the same frequencies (?). In FS however The outer NDBs have large range as for HH NDBs and in FS Navigator only F and IF can be seen, but one could capture the other one easily by chance if that is closer!!! I checked with AFCAD utility and it is really set to HH type of NDB, which is most probably not correct (there are 3 navaids put on top of each other (outer marker, compass NDB and HH NDB). Also an other scenery file seems to contain NDB data (go over NDB IF or over VOR IVF with the mouse in FS Navigator). It is NV9EURE0.BGL and does not contain any airfields, but it seems it defines some navaids duplicated. It is not clear at all, why the NDBs of RWY 10 can not be seen in FS Navigator. There are similar problems at other airports also. What are you doing with this? Gabor
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