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    Air Hamburg Winter 2018-2019 FP

    Air Hamburg Winter 2018-2019 FP many flights from UUWW based planes download https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/11/29/air-hamburg-winter-2018-2019-fp/
  2. christianmuenier

    Russair Tupolev Tu-204-100

    Russair Tupolev Tu-204-100 & Winter 2018-2019 FP https://muenierweb.wordpress.com
  3. christianmuenier

    Severstal Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95

    Severstal Sukhoi SuperJet 100-95 https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/severstal-sukhoi-superjet-100-95/
  4. Meridian Air Company Bombardier Challenger 605 FP & other repaints : see Meridian repaints & FP.txt inside available here https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/09/27/meridian-air-company-bombardier-challenger-605/
  5. christianmuenier

    Rusjet repaints

    Tupolev 204-100 Bombardier Challenger 300 British Aerospace HS-125-800 https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/
  6. christianmuenier

    Новости Russian Ai Traffic System (RATS)

    скоро https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/
  7. Aeroflot Let L-410 (retro Soviet era) UTT AI LET L-410.Model by Aleksey Rubtsov (Rulexy),Sergey Bunevich (SBAI),Artem Giltiy (UTT), Maksim Rudakov (UTT).Flight Dynamics correction by A.Fedotov; Paint Kit by Denis Minaev download https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/09/22/aeroflot-let-l-410-retro-soviet-era/
  8. Hi Nicolai,

    I want to make a repaint for makc-sim yak-40; please can you provide the paintkit?

    Best regards

    1. INS


      Hello! Sorry, my hdd drive was broken, full information lost :no: 

    2. christianmuenier


      Thank you anyway Nicolai

    3. christianmuenier


      Finally I got it; Please do you permit I upload it on my website on this page?


      best regards

  9. christianmuenier

    Makc-sim yak-40 paintkit

    thank you
  10. christianmuenier

    Makc-sim yak-40 paintkit

    Please, do you know where is the Makc-sim yak-40 paintkit?
  11. christianmuenier

    Makc-sim yak-40 paintkit

    I want to make a repaint for a Yak-40 and I need the paintkit for Makc-sim model; do you know where to download it ? ; paintkit Yak-40 made by Nikolai (INS) Samsonov thank you
  12. christianmuenier

    DOSAAF Russia finally available

    DOSAAF Russia 2018 representative flightplans finally available https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/07/17/dosaaf-russia-2018-representative-fp/ Please share in the suitable russian speaking thread ;-)
  13. christianmuenier

    DOSAAF Russia Antonov An-2

    DOSAAF Russia Antonov An-2 39 repaints for model RWAI available here : https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/06/09/dosaaf-russia-antonov-an-2/
  14. christianmuenier

    DOSAAF Russia L-410

    DOSAAF Russia L-410 twelve repaints model UTT here https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/05/21/dosaaf-russia-l-410/#more-564
  15. christianmuenier

    DOSAAF Russia L-410

    Now working on DOSAAF Antonov An-2; lot of planes to manage; twenty repaints for now.. Please share in the proper russian language thread; I don't speak russian ;-)
  16. christianmuenier

    DOSAAF Russia L-410

    DOSAAF Russia Antonov An-26 by UTT here http://unitedtrafficteam.com/index.php/ai-repaints/europe/item/cis-ai-antonov-an-26-dosaaf-rf-00714
  17. christianmuenier

    DOSAAF Russia L-410

    DOSAAF Russia Antonov An-30D here https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/05/23/dosaaf-russia-antonov-an-30d/
  18. christianmuenier

    DOSAAF Russia L-410

    flightplans not yet done; at this time you have DOSAAF An-28 for model Mike Cronin : https://muenierweb.wordpress.com/2018/05/22/dosaaf-russia-antonov-an-28/