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  1. Hey guys, I'm not a native russian speaker so I have to write in english. Sorry for that btw. I have tested the newest version and studied the manual for the navigation system. I let you know, that I have some experience with older versions of the Tu-144. But here is my problem. I tried to use the ОПМ function to modify my route or to fly an approach procedure. I tried to follow the procedure "Полет на оперативный пункт маршрута (ОПМ)" on page 32 in "РЛЭ_Ту-144Д_5.1_Навигационный комплекс". I entered the code number 90 in the ППМ storage cell and wait 2-3s until 91 appears in the code number window. Then I entered the coordinates of ОПМ1 under 91 and ОПМ2 under 92. But when I want to fly to ОПМ1, I turn the selector "МАРШРУТ" to ОПМ and the lamp-button "ИСПОЛНЕНИЕ" flashes but cannot be pressed. With other words I can enter the ОПМ coordinates but I can't fly to them. Can somebody help my? Did I missed something? Need hlep with that marvelous machine. greetings Marvin
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