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  1. well, thank you all, right now a lot of things going on for me so the Tashkent city and UTTT are slowed down but here is some update for the Tashkent city
  2. Hi all, I'm keep working on the scenery and here is an update of the progress
  3. Thank everybody for the comments, much appreciation well, first thing, I'm creating this scenery for me and I share it with you so you can enjoy it, I know there is a lot of drawback but I'm doing my max to get the most of it. right now I'm really busy on my final year of architecture school so the progresses is very slow, hope that after I finish I get more time to work on the scenery. now for your questions, - for now I have a plane to work on the city and the region, I thought about UTTT airport but it not on my plan, I will re-estimate the questions when I get more time. - I never called this topic scenery of the airport, I'm sorry if it confusing - about correcting the textures, I use 3 different source image for each part of the scenery (5 parts) I tried to blend,contrast and color correct each layer, than mask it with each other so it will look more natural. I prefer to use the satellite color tone for the scenery, I can try to increase the fade of region borders if it will help the scenery blend with the default world. I must say that I really don't like the default FSX color tone of the world textures, but it only my opinion. - I use sketchup and rhino (for more complex parts) to create the building
  4. Hi everybody, I'm new here and let say that my Russian isn't so good so I open this post in English (if some one can help me position this post in Russian so more people will expose to the scenery I will be glad) well, I want to share with you my project that I'm working at, Tashkent Uzbekistan city and region, I decide to create this scenery because it my place of origin. so here it is it contain a photoreal region of Tashkent and it surroundings (~140X120km) also it contain winter texture and night texture for the Tashkent I have already build some of the landmarks and still working on them the link for the scenery http://ftxdes.blogspot.com I'm still working on the scenery and it in beta version now you can download it and if you notice any problem you can notice me so I can fix it so here is the screenshots from the scenery Tashkent NBU tower and the new Tv-tower NBU tower ministry of finance TAPO factory Pakhtakor stadium and the old Tv-tower in the background Lenin museum and SHARQ building UBA building Winter in Tashkent Tashkent at night Charvak reservoir and the whole region there is a problem with UTTT airport, it need a location correction I hope you enjoy it