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  1. Thank you so much for the infos! I have watched http://fpln.ruand now I star to understand better the Russian airspaces. The flight could be possible! Now I try to contact Chelavia ! Thank you so much, let's see if, thanks also to this starting infos, I can fly to Russia!! Check the magazine "Pravda", may be I will land in the red Square... Jokes In case I will decide to go, I will keep you updated. May be I could meet some of you and drink a vodka toghether! Ciao Marco
  2. Hello to every member of this forum, My name is Marco and I'm an Italian professional airline pilot. After work one of my greatest passions is to fly with ultralight. I found this forum because I'm searching informations about the possibility to fly VFR low altitude with an ultralight from Italy to and throught Russia! I mean a REAL FLIGHT. So can someone help me with this dream! Does anybody knows where I can find Vfr charts of Russia? Do you know the website of some ultralight clubs in Russia? I need info also about permission to fly, any requirements etc... Thank You so much for your Help! Bye Marco