Bashkir Airlines Airbus A321: your reliable winged friend ✈️
The Airbus A321 is a modern narrow–body aircraft that Bashkir Airlines uses for medium-haul flights. The comfortable cabin, thoughtful design and high level of service will make your flight pleasant and memorable.

What to expect from Bashkir Airlines' Airbus A321:

Spacious cabin: The A321 is one of the largest aircraft in its class, designed to carry up to 220 passengers.
? Comfortable chairs:Ergonomic chairs with adjustable backs will provide you with maximum comfort during the flight.
Legroom: A sufficient distance between the rows will allow you to stretch your legs freely and relax.
Individual lighting: Adjust the light above your chair for reading or work.
? Air conditioning system: A modern air conditioning system will create a pleasant microclimate in the cabin.
✈️ Smooth flight:The A321 is characterized by high fuel efficiency and low noise
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