Yesterday laid out in ... . Revansh.K today decided to take the case: Moscow Air Service 226 Boeing 767-300ER aircraft sits in stormy weather with strong winds in Talagi.Po requests from the audience made a little perehodov.Otsenite!
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Timur, explain to me please, why you have to lvl-e always released rat? KIVLAR, 11 years ago, #
Although I do not Timur, but still answer - it is such a small incompatibility model (Level-D) and the recorder, if I may say so. If the record (play) starts in the air (and not in the parking lot, for example), then the model thought that snapped and produces RAT. AlexMur, 11 years ago, #
Strangely, I'm on this little forth to Kraft, no, but I believe this the first time ... hmm KIVLAR, 11 years ago, #
standards. but what he does there car? what is the meaning of her role? and where it all come from? and the guy with the glasses of some muddy, stands on the runway, that xs xs where spying. okay even though "horse" and then did not sing, and be thankful for Den33, 10 years ago, #
heeey, I 4re put Che for garbage. Den33, 10 years ago, #
Staged 4, because I do not understand what makes the runway for an airplane engine? And yet it was necessary to use the rudder. Grixa_95, 10 years ago, #
But that did not go for a second птаха_07, 11 years ago, #
Still, if he was carrying cargo, it is not necessary species on the wing. The entire video is energized "Augusta" =). But overall well done. Pulkovsky_Pilot, 11 years ago, #
fine, but in the real would be rolled out! I once watched, because at this, pilots almost end priterayut ... Zorgair, 11 years ago, #
. Sky-Max, 11 years ago, #
Timur, watch the video landing with a side wind: before touching ALWAYS level off the rudder! Again the error: Vivaldi is written with an uppercase letter, Vezouze, you would like to say "lucky" or "carrying" or "Vesuvius"? Rate not put Stakan, 11 years ago, #
do you make the alignment, but in this case would have done the alignment of the rudder is mounted side by side with the band, the plane went to the right lane, look for a few seconds before touching. I'm in such cases are being put in a little more speed than usual, so as not pulled down so far Karstar, 11 years ago, #
If I'm not blind, "Vivaldi" like a capital letter and written. Pulkovsky_Pilot, 11 years ago, #
Pulkovsky_Pilot, you are not blind ((((= Vivaldi written with a capital letter, but did not notice Karstar ((= Grey wolf, 10 years ago, #
many downed flashlights))) lockon, 11 years ago, #
to hell with lanterns, above all alive ... and then the pilot gains experience .. and will know when a plant:))) Karstar, 11 years ago, #
Good. kluv, 11 years ago, #
Have not heard of "August" in this Ugly performance. SovietUnion, 11 years ago, #
Because of the FBS, and landing is not very Kef, 11 years ago, #