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This is a video filmed to illustrate the possibility of handling the model Pt Tu-154B2 when run with the maximum lateral wind
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→ Date: 16 years ago (11.10.2004 16:41)
→ Author: FireFly
→ Uploaded by: FireFly (uploaded 11 files )
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Cool .... Sir-j, 13 years ago, #
During takeoff 5 - for anyone! simon, 13 years ago, #
Oh, the branch raised three years ago. Then, with the quality of shooting, it was hard, guys, and when to repeat a lot of things are not removed and not released:) FireFly, 13 years ago, #
During takeoff, by itself, 5! Exactly axially held with the wind! But what with the camera? Not very clear what kind of focus away from the aircraft. Initially (when the craft was on the 90-gr. To mind), it was beautiful, but then, why? And that the front desk, really? NoFL, 13 years ago, #
To me the front desk not removed. Anthony, 13 years ago, #