bought the steering wheels, string any together and flies ..... something is very turned ....))))
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severe muzchiny ... not chelyabinsk hour? davidbrayn, 10 years ago, #
Aha, you have only red truselya, but it? Otherwise, why such an issue and such an assessment? nso64, 10 years ago, #
Arkhangelsk we Anton789, 10 years ago, #
Anton))) as you turn posml behu) krasavcheg_) whose house this kostruktsiya?? ANTA, 10 years ago, #
The first time the steering wheel in his hands he held, after the controller of course have to hand stuff and stuff Anton789, 10 years ago, #
Incidentally, I also thought that because of the wheel ... prevykat need him))) Demоn, 10 years ago, #
I have a question as you so 2 wheel laced? Tu134, 10 years ago, #
Now identically .. obletyvayu Saytekovsky wheel. Configuration while without pedalek. On the rudder work, the left hand Saytekovskiv joystick. "Head" cliff there. I can tell right away that the steering wheel, you do not huhry ento-muhry. :) It's hard. But! Realism added. Not that Joey. And now clearly lacks pedals. Question. Can I make razdelnoei motor control? Separate draft? Putting APPOINTMENT Rudov on two axes that are attached to the wheel? In models of aircraft are not equipped with such a configuration of its service / monitor. As such Tu154 B2. And also how to configure the ore so that would be pushing pens Rudov in red sector (down) I shifted to reverse? In my park, where I "naletyvayu" - 1. SCS Tu134, version 1.2., 2. Airbas from Wilco. And 3. Boeing 737 from Wilco., 4. PMDG. And as Bobby the one that has been exposed on the site Thank you in advance for your reply. When that is please do not kick him, as wheel bought recently, and in standard settings simulator I do, that nothing is found. Or simply did not see, did not see on his inexperience. Thanks again. Reply possible and personal. ivans71, 10 years ago, #
Can I make razdelnoei motor control? Possible if not mistaken then the wheel is set to be fsyupike LAKI2106, 10 years ago, #
Fuck himself posadochka )))))) LOKOPhil, 10 years ago, #
Class! For the atmosphere! Pucher, 10 years ago, #
pastavlyu assessment only for the good humor and unusual ideas! done!) kirillkm, 10 years ago, #
Who's in roll giametriyu wing changes ?)))) pospel, 10 years ago, #
We ))))) olega154, 10 years ago, #
everything! extremal, 10 years ago, #
Why are my hands were shaking at the operator? susanin, 10 years ago, #
drinking before the flight, 24 hours had passed. =) Tu134, 10 years ago, #
Our office and dangerous, and trudnaa))) lockon, 10 years ago, #
This is not a hand, this buffeting. ... Maybe aktivkamera:))) Vovan_airlines, 10 years ago, #
You che, get drunk or something, then the language braded serjfly, 10 years ago, #
During that five? Far more than 200 m vertikalka more than 5 times, where the score? where the CDF, where timely care? where the stabilization parameters on the glide path? Where is everybody? They sat on the off chance! Better had already attempted to get parallel runway horror! Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
No video on pilot technique -=Maestro=-, 10 years ago, #
The network flew, or thought? Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
online, in circles in Arkhangelsk .... sorry for the dispatcher, we got it yesterday ....)))) olega154, 10 years ago, #
So here I am about something, disconnect, and then anything! And then everywhere strict rules hung some say impossible, it is impossible, but here on you! A man in such flights seeking discipline, and there is undue catastrophe, one can not so Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
Vladimir_76. Well, you have no sense of humor, always a good frolic, and you all so seriously the ... DownSet, 10 years ago, #