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Lost voyage | Rating: 4.6!
I present a completely new type of video from the MSFS (I hope :-)). you see the history of first-person, "normal" guy - simmera who flies from Moscow (Sheremetyevo) to Kiev (Borispol), but the coincidence of circumstances, to reach Kiev without the "adventure" he was not fated. In denying an aircraft engine, whereas further - see ....... Format-Windows Media (WMV), duration - 26:05 (please be "patient ":-)). size cut as able to be properly smotret.Nu, and of course, very important comments.
→ Size: 100 MB
→ Date: 14 years ago (26.03.2007 17:22)
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→ License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
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This is a classic. Classic inspired me in my time. Intel_Rus, 10 years ago, #
Well done:) SBI71, 10 years ago, #
cool Sar-Avia, 11 years ago, #
I do not know what to say. I suggest the author read fiction, it is desirable to Russian classics. And then come the country is what makes hats. suzom, 14 years ago, #
Freak ... Yanchukoff, 10 years ago, #
Все хорошо! Но единственное пожелание - очень долгие планы, нужно их чаще менять. Скучно иначе. Долго смотреть на вид из окна на крыло - просто скучно. Нужно разбавлять. А задумка хорошая. Так держать! Max55, 8 years ago, #
Хорошо, приято. 5с+ Andr1012, 8 years ago, #
Well done! Only 5) even more interesting to listen than to watch) is a plot) ramblll09, 10 years ago, #
Loved it! Classroom Reading music - super! Interesting movie turned out. kugut, 10 years ago, #
10 points! No doubt! I watched with pleasure! Thank you! Lion King, 13 years ago, #
People'll show those please! And how so Set to fly with a view of the cockpit and look in the cabin! KRUIIIA, 11 years ago, #
Roller simply class! Great! Very pleased! Make more! Ramzez, 13 years ago, #
Once again well done! Way to go! Extension will be? Partizan-cs, 14 years ago, #
Wow! With interest watched the entire movie. In one breath. Frozen Simmer, 14 years ago, #
Well done! Excellent idea! And then take off and landing boyannye already Prielom. The truth is the middle and really a bit delayed, but this is the first job! Way to go! We are waiting for new interesting movies! X-Softer, 14 years ago, #
Good video! Of course it would be better to withdraw from the Soviet air:) Aviator92, 14 years ago, #
All thanks! In my already great, that I was able to attract attention and get a lot of good advice. Now I will master the Adobe Premiere, so that the next video is unlikely to be a masterpiece :-). But stay, I certainly will not. So far, I think I am a novice in this area, so that there is still work and work. The top of my art is still far below the horizon :-) AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
I really liked it. Just tried the usual sense of the passenger when the train climb. :) The only napryaglo is monotonous voice. It really would be inscribed, as in mid-flight. Антон Степанов, 14 years ago, #
I do not know what happened to my computer, but he began to rock from the site at speeds of 700-800 Kb / s! Just be happy a halt! And the author would like to say that he had not stayed in one video! And continues to grow! I think that the next movie will be even better! I personally use a program for processing video, or Premier, or Magic Movie Edit Pro! Даниил, 14 years ago, #
: D Are you adequately voprinimat criticism, a sign of maturity. Good luck in the new job! suzom, 14 years ago, #
Thanks Pilot! Suzom, I can only thank you, you gave me to understand what kind of nervous work with filmmakers. AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
Continue in the same spirit! Пилот, 14 years ago, #
Young man, I have a quick vydelenka anlim. But this does not mean that all the case. Yes, there are people with modems, so what? In addition, the site preference of these 100 MB as it is very long. suzom, 14 years ago, #
Transmetter: Well, do you understand the very long video with a small size, this would be impossible to watch, it is better not to spread togda.Ya tried to find gold seredinu.No all is not ugodish.V general I realized that the video will be a dynamic, short interest , if at all budet.Ya just always wanted to remove the video from the first person, and as I understood, was still more to ourselves. suzom, if you are satisfied with this online-nightmare c otvratnym sound, you are a strong lover poekonomit.A what savings (in a general sense)? Savings is the ability to spend money without getting any pleasure from it :-). I recognize the video in its normal capacity, the quality here, I probably can greatly reduce otsenku.Ya now I think: the Internet should be the same as kompyuter.No company something the majority of normal, in MSFS2002 few flies vrode.A modem for P3-P4, etc., it is very fun. AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
I looked Online ;-) It is of sufficient quality. suzom, 14 years ago, #
And to me that 100 MB download - you need a few hours (~ 3 hours): Transmetter, 14 years ago, #
Transmetter:Вот для разработчиков этой модели точно слишком длинное,никто до конца не досмотрит,тут надо что-то динамичное минуты на две.Да знаю я насчет размера,просто я с Corbin'ой 1536Кбит/c зажрался уже:-)Да и слава богу скорость скачки с сайта нормализовалась,я когда присылал-заняло 4 минуты,пробовал скачивать-где-то 7 минут занимает.
AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
Alex, as you try to spot the aircraft razrabotchkam suggest - I think he likes them. And agree with the comments - use 100 MB of disk space does impose obligations on the quality and "interesting" video. Still, the server is not rubber and unnecessary traffic is not too good. Sam personally inspected before taxiing to the preliminary. If the Internet was still fast ... Transmetter, 14 years ago, #
I watched with pleasure! Yes - a little long, yes - there are small flaws, but ... where you saw the first pancake with caviar, but not with the lumps? Special thanks for the compilation of "our" music! Salin, 14 years ago, #
2 AlCorb: I do not see a director's talent, so all of my flight videos. Why "down"? I put the assessment in accordance with their impression of your movie it is from the other - in other assessments. Five, I also put. With regards to the quality of my movies: it is enough to evaluate it aerobatics, I too respect the time and money for other people to spend their time in traffic and things, which is 2 minutes and 2 megabytes. suzom, 14 years ago, #
Write to Licko, and then investigate. Fortunately, the age of high technology has given human beings a lot of ways. SDN, 14 years ago, #
andrei767: agree with you, did you had to do it short. SDN: About obdelalis is certainly :-))), should undertake such an experiment in which a flight: a flight to include this song and the film to the camera: -- ))). With regards to co-interesting idea, you can poprobovat.Tolko here's how to keep us on ICQ? AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
Reviewed again. Soundtrack is, but I o-o-is very small and is not terrible (I'm not scared:))) and then silence, clank! Pristegnuli belts and here ...... my star .... Butusova. If this music to include in the cabin, passengers would be exactly obdelalis. This, a farewell march. A pleasure to take part in your next video as a "generator of ideas" One head is good, but with the body beautiful:))) SDN, 14 years ago, #
Beautiful video. But some shots a little bit delayed. andrei767, 14 years ago, #
Igrim-Surgut-is even nothing, but it is short, even too IMHO, but not "soars." Wheelbarrow I was also the first version, but Lada Racing Club, FS-cal in my opinion not katit (but still more scenarios Sheremetievo, it hinged on a road not zaezzhaet) but the latest version of the video decided to remove it, do not know why. "Flight Valkyrie" (if you have not noticed it, my 5-ka stands) But honestly, I put it just for originality, in fact, the video only and only on lyubitelya.Prosto if I see that the man worked, tried, then I put it to good assessment, even if I thought this video neinteresnym.A cola put only on the basis of personal preference is any can we then do nothing to rock budut.Mne not like your video is not stoned, I do not put cola Well, even if there trump card in upravlenii.Hotya be made a better quality, the more they korotkie.Da useless really say, you probably just like people "down." Now SDN: Thank you for your comments uchtu.No, listen, soundtrack at the time of rejection because there is like a wave, even create, revise the moment.A behold devices really could see. AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
For the idea of a strong 4. A little lacking "dvizhuhi" at the time of engine failure (back to show what some comments FAC, could pull out of the film crew, insert siren, I have something) for music on the takeoff and climb off, but at the time of rejection, I would put some sound (without words) that would be possible to make a (implies) a sense of danger. And nemonogo outdoor types can not be prevented. But in general, OK. Well done. I myself sometimes baluyus, right at the Pinnacle, Premier does not want to learn yet. SDN, 14 years ago, #
So there once was denied engines began to play music such as you need) ramblll09, 10 years ago, #
SU7, Igorek Daniel, thanks for all the support! Suzom, no R±R°R±R»R° I do not cut down, the ponimaesh.A description should lure can someone, and expects that the "adventure" - which means that after the rejection of the engine opens the portal: -- D, the plane falls into a parallel world, where everything will be different, in a new way:-D, then take away all the newcomers, etc. and t.p.U us is not a society-ufologist fantastic, I can be a bit "moved" in the description, file size obyazyvaet.A name once in the head it all. Dimonah, tell the truth, if my video was PT154 (everything else unchanged), which would? AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
I liked least is an initiative idea. Well, talk about a topic I will not, because until the end is not inspected, if the truth, because time has not yet been, but in principle, that managed to look like me. Well done! SU7, 14 years ago, #
Looked ... There is certainly a good idea, even as unusual to hear a live voice! That was done in MovieMakere is also commendable - slapjack yaysa would cut off the creators, and then also moved to Premier. What I want to say a good clip, shot well, but syuzhetets skushnovat ... Alas! Other words: nothing should be more klipets otsnyat! I would wait. Good luck! Игорек, 14 years ago, #
You are not a writer, you're the director. They know that your film is very similar to what we do on television: a loud announcement, that comforter. Usually this happens from the desire to cut / wash R±R°R±R»R° or narrow mindedness. I hope it is now clear with this literature? With regards to the decimal point: just commas in place, there is no text. ====================================== ===== As an example: compare the "Wings of Motherland" and "Aviator." Both are good, but are incomparable. It is a pity that Razbash no longer with us. ========================================= == By the way, why choose that name? suzom, 14 years ago, #
I set myself the task of making something new (but not globally so as to compare with the "crew":-D). And the thought which is not laid, each in its own way to understand. So what about the classics? They said "A" - to say "I":-D Here's my best friend to each clings nonsense, you also have to see whether any undelivered comma and immediately down-grade? Well I am not a writer, e-moe.Kogo, it's just besit, but someone anyway. Well, you specifically present and deal with the end. AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
By the processing of claims, no video. And the idea is good, its a good idea implemented in the film "The Crew", and then a lot of nothing. Video posted is not in vain, would just like to understand what message you want to convey to people what response you want from them? suzom, 14 years ago, #
Mr "classic 19 th century, you can pokonkretney say? And then kolyshnik vlepili nepoymi for that raduetes.Mdaaa, nothing goes, I laid out this video ..... not seen new hire .... In terms Renderer is the last video in MovieMaker (zymosis much because of him all over again peresnimat had, finally did 2 months), finally found the Adobe Premier Pro - will absorb AlCorb, 14 years ago, #
Well ... A little bit of experience should be typed in videobrabotki! And nothing! And a few comments must be correct! Good idea! Well done! Даниил, 14 years ago, #
All the same 1. It is not in the PT, not Boeing. The point is that it is 100 MB for nothing. You do not need portals and parallel worlds (though it would be funny), it is necessary that it be interesting to watch not only for you. Look at this video:​l?action=comments&;id=8889&hl = or is this:​l?action=comments&;id=8322&hl = and find the 10 difference:) suzom, 14 years ago, #
cool! and those who put 3,2,1 fucking do not understand! Dead_Knight, 10 years ago, #
But without mat weak? Can vocabulary is too small? ko4eBNik, 10 years ago, #
Do not be caught) ramblll09, 10 years ago, #