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This is another video from my SIMA. Landing in the URSS with okrivennym AFCAD-th .. if I am not mistaken. Prior to CDF went strictly by the Director and the face has been on the side removal of 70 meters left. Esperiment in general. And that turned out see the Download!
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→ Date: 16 years ago (03.06.2005 02:33)
→ Author: Oleg-OFF.
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To tell people how zabombit stairs! Not zhmottes! Exeletor, 15 years ago, #
Always glad to help! To get started, I can recommend a look that is Vidoje ...​x.php?showtopic=19041&;view=findpost&p=243225 3:48 minutes ... 15 meters ... could be less ... even and the quality has dropped ... If you satisfied with the quality ... I can say as did ... fly-max, 16 years ago, #
fly-max, and can teach to do 45 sec .. and not 20 meters, and the quality and size of the image has not changed? Oleg-OFF, 16 years ago, #
guys ... everything is good ... but 20 meters by 45 seconds !!!!... IT IS VERY MUCH ... fly-max, 16 years ago, #
I liked it. The question may of course not on the topic: that the scenario is, it shook? If so, I have the same costs, but ramp that the photo does not. Like it??? DayWalker, 16 years ago, #
Well nakuralesil: 0 done at all, sat well with the clip creativity:) N9COF, 16 years ago, #