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It was the landing of the flight URSS-UUWW. The flight was to start a "accretion" to the new dynamics 154b_2_1, which is unlikely to be able to leave the experienced CIMERA. I will not go into details, I will say only one thing - the feeling of piloting the aircraft for another step closer to what is likely to feel the force pilots. When entering the front had to bypass the thunderstorm (the ActiveSky 6), but this has not stopped to make a normal landing. Of course, the dynamics requires special attention, but understood the idea of the plane and felt his character, catch myself thinking that the process approach and landing started to bring great pleasure. Frankly, the video I made quite spontaneously, and only because in my opinion, this shows all the characteristic points of embarkation - predvyravnivanie, alignment, and a small dotyagivanie just before the touch, but also to repeat the background on the moon, among the day the sky (that in itself is beautiful), suddenly sverknula lightning - I like it to resist the temptation :-) So, that look, comment, discuss :-)
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Славно! Oceanair, 6 years ago, #
из Кабины бы видок Илья_777, 6 years ago, #
По мойму звук как у М-ки, а так чётко всё Coviax, 6 years ago, #
Блин ну хоть анимацию стоек могли доработать?Добирай,не добирай один хрен шлепнется,а на АУАСП покажет перегрузку в Единицу,как так? 100Pudov, 9 years ago, #
beshk plane, and sounds-emkiny. nestyuovochka flatliner, 12 years ago, #
Да, я тоже заметил. maxfaktor154, 9 years ago, #
Археолог детектед. Valmont, 9 years ago, #
Neither his novog not seen, the estimate for a commercial derzhavskii, 12 years ago, #
Excellent! This Sibaviatrans? VladAviaDen, 12 years ago, #
No, Siberia ... The sound is inserted from a video, where M-ka in Prague soditsya Swarm, 12 years ago, #
Yes, it Sibaviatrans. And an airplane is very well seen. Captain_Denis, 12 years ago, #
class tupolev-134, 13 years ago, #
Yes, I liked it too ... but you can not send all the links that I have collected the same machine) .. thanks Mercus, 17 years ago, #
After an hour of searching for INNET Finally the downloaded codec. Landing is very good. is valid for 5 + Storm, 17 years ago, #
Then Digital. Sounds -​/viewtopic.php?t=5654 Soot from 2D, to a VC normally see devices need a 29 inch monitor :-) While flying on a model of VC. To Storm . The codec must download and install is not what you want, and XviD MPEG-4. Moreover, if is Windows Media Player, it is an online work he could find and swing it to the desired codec. That toshik. Video recorder Fraps 2.6.1, processed and encoded in VirtualDub Bublik, 17 years ago, #
Just my 2 otlichno.U vorprosa where such sounds are very much real? And where sadil of VC or 2D? Digital, 17 years ago, #
installed codecs which found vseravno not playing Storm, 17 years ago, #
Guys, the most usual codec (at least for now) is XviD MPEG-4. I deliberately did not encode other codes (you can byto and up to 1Mb reduced) because of the fact that XviD MPEG-4 to swing free in inete. Bublik, 17 years ago, #
I have another issue with the codec, please pliz to Storm, 17 years ago, #
Excellent video! What to write??? toshik, 17 years ago, #
Comrades, help need a codec to view video! 113.4 @ Пилот, 17 years ago, #
Guys, about UUWW, himself only found out yesterday. There is such a corrected version of​load/ just downloaded has not yet tried. But the dynamics of PT 154B-2 is here, and then you can discuss​/viewtopic.php?t=3748 Bublik, 17 years ago, #
Nice landing:), Frozen Simmer, 17 years ago, #
beautiful! and where you can get a new dynamic? bob, 17 years ago, #
Posadka pryam po bukve uchebnika. Molodets! Mr_Ivan, 17 years ago, #
Alex when UUWW ispravish dash community aviasimulyatora fans? ALEXDEPUTAT, 17 years ago, #
Yes, everything on the book! Beautiful. And unless you can reverse if you include a front leg in the air yet?? ___Yura, 17 years ago, #
That's read​/viewtopic.php?t=4916&;start=165, I unfortunately did not include the INEM. But I want to do just such a video, and make the INEM and the guys comment decoding in terms of professional aerobatics. I think would be interesting to see and compare. Bublik, 17 years ago, #
Perfect landing! BARS2006, 17 years ago, #
Excellent Alex! In Babayevskiy! Pash, 17 years ago, #
Vnukovo from Fenix works exclusively in the slideshow :-) He poheril this case, as I understand it, but the package of macros vlozhl, here I am trying in my free time as optimizirvat this farm to the computer resources are expended in the right direction ;-) . In general, as in life - I have a building there is. That, and the band launched as expected - VPP24 => 240 * is now at least you can fly patterns ... Bublik, 17 years ago, #
I liked it! Alexxxxx, 17 years ago, #
Very krassivaya landing! And with Vnukovo what is the white building with textures or something? ALEXDEPUTAT, 17 years ago, #