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If the cabling bridge and Tu-154 was built in 1933, it would have been Chkalov ha bay for it:)
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+5 airbuss09, 10 years ago, #
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Молодца! хорошее владение машиной) В Ил 2 так игрался когда то давно) kirill100, 11 years ago, #
And what is it? птаха_07, 11 years ago, #
First place uniquely, RLE RLE there, and fly only excellent special and I am more than sure and the RLE, it flies so well and sometimes you can give these cool pieces! Well done! Летчик-налетчик, 15 years ago, #
ISC, should be simpler, and people are pulling for you ... best of Sime fly under the bridge at that than the real, IMHO! VPilot, 15 years ago, #
Misha, Zadar cap as it seems to me to Sime without it ... Do not recognize:))) VTV, 15 years ago, #
The same garbage suffered at the Yak-18T only a flying palace bridge) Genrih, 15 years ago, #
2 BAe-146: Yes that once ran in vain, the mood was so ... kayus was not right. In RLE about bridges is silent, so that the RLE is hardly lost. Is that the flight at a speed of 450 km / h on a clean wing with nevypuschennym chassis at a height of 10 m: D ============================= ============================== 2 Gladkov: As a punishment I have removed themselves from the flight at night, that the compression of time in the 32-fold equivalent month. : D ================================================ =========== 2 Transmetter: Surprisingly, on tsessne difficult aim, I first just bridge is not hooked keel, but on tushkane at the first attempt in gold! suzom, 15 years ago, #
It is empty talk. Over-the wind in a net. ___Yura, 15 years ago, #
In short, Suzom. Created by Ward on a single sheet of multiple violations of coupons, print this sheet on your printer, cut one of the coupons, write something like "Over the unauthorized entry into restricted area and a violation of the rules of safety and move the scan here. Gladkov, 15 years ago, #
Class! Also try Vitos, 15 years ago, #
Funny movie. But remember me, that Comrade Suzom a week ago, in RєRѕRјRјRµRЅS‚R°S… to the roller, hit the guy on the disregard for realism and RLE 154. I have to wonder whether the leadership and allow the aircraft flying under bridges? This is because the word ... Not plyuyte into the well from which, quite possibly, will have to drink yourself. BAe-146, 15 years ago, #
To SDN. so I am not against it, and let us take Mriyu though the wheels of the water spray cut. It is better to take for this aircraft. isc, 15 years ago, #
Great! Classroom video! Thank you! Demkas, 15 years ago, #
2suzom. So usmehnites:). As you each time something is write and write. Would you like your last sentence was? Yes for God's sake. You should be able to appreciate another's opinion and, not only to move back. And your opinion is not to offend the other person and even more so to humiliate him. isc, 15 years ago, #
Well here suzom itself begs the flight between the pyramids in Egypt or landing at any one prospektik in the city center ..... or there is the will of the imagination. See how it prGЄt! There is a time for some fun this world. Wear Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, and more! :)))))) SDN, 15 years ago, #
2isc, once again, read my post, and find the advice! Something I do not see it there, I just gave an example of the phenomenon. Of these, your people, I know only two, Kolesnik and OcaG±a. Personally not familiar with either one or the other. And the fact that these people have done much to sima, for me it does not figure. Value is something that Dennis so young has reached its present situation, that Dmitri, too, has a lot of benefit to the work of the Design Bureau Tupolev. A computer and a single and the other probably just habit. While I can and do wrong ... Mitch, 15 years ago, #
2 Mitch: rude and the truth is not worth ... this is too much ... ======================================== 2 isc: I think that, unlike you , the following gentlemen would look at this video, smiled and continued to do his own job. suzom, 15 years ago, #
Cool, I liked it. Isc, you will not have gone there. Urgent cap in hand - and bronevik! Push the right question can not nadruganiya simerskimi over the sacred and the flouting of honor Simeria. Gladkov, 15 years ago, #
To suzom: The question has long been outside of the roller. isc, 15 years ago, #
Cool, I liked it. Isc, you will not have gone there. Urgent cap in hand - and bronevik! Push the right question can not nadruganiya simerskimi over the sacred and the flouting of honor Simeria. Gladkov, 15 years ago, #
To Mitch: If you simmery such as Dmitri Kolesnik, Yegor Koronovskii, Kirill Sokolov, Edward Semenov, Denis Okan, and many, many others are simply people who have no greater joy of life, then you have nothing and do not understand. Advise us to deal with cyber-sport-and cyber-sex, and behave like an idiot about that we have nothing to do except sitting at the computer crawl right-hand mouse, an insult to all. Conscience or she is or not. isc, 15 years ago, #
What I can say movie is clearly a success, once a vibrant discussion. Isc, learn to read what you are trying to convey to the people, and do not lose sense of reality. suzom, 15 years ago, #
2isc, so I knew very offended you and your friends to read his? Well, Well, sorry, the more that Smiley does not mean izdevatelskuyu smile, a playful tone. But if your words "for them to communicate with each simulator is a holiday, then I am powerless. If a person other than sima no more joy in this life, as they say no comment ... Although, in principle, have come to this - a cyber-sport, cyber-sex ... What the hell sport, when sitting at the computer than to crawl right hand mouse, more than doing nothing? Yes, plus vision to plant ... Well, about cyber-sex RІR°S‰Rµ promolchu ... :))) Mitch, 15 years ago, #
In this world there are many opinions, and probably almost all of them have a right to exist. Each activity involves certain rules. Also, as each has a specific purpose. For me and my associates flight is a miracle of human reason (​l?action=viewonline&;id=7817). For you, this game. Let each remain in their own, everyone has the right to view. I made it once at the beginning and was, believe me, not only from itself. In all the associated links are make mistakes, learn, but the plane that is used for other purposes. You can of course and a stone in the land of his drive and enjoy a beautiful light around the fire and raised smoke. But I do not think many would look so nice. Yes, among my friends there are people who sit for the joystick in the form and chase. Yes, they are dreamers, but I'm proud of them, because many of them fly as professional pilots. Not oskorblyayt with the words "And the people you know and deal with a serious form of simulator put before the board for the PC:)." I think they do not deserve. Your movie, suzom, I do not condemn, but believe that in this world there are people who fly on standards. It is our opinion and nothing you have to deal with them. Note You do not have an assessment, simply expressed. Good luck on your flights. isc, 15 years ago, #
suzom RњRћR›RћR”R•R¦! This is precisely because the legends are born! And all the tears over the "severe and failed sudbinushke as well as pro bkspredel and malchishestvo" this is nonsense. Dear isc: What do you say to this​l?action=viewonline&;id=7626 or is it​l?action=viewonline&;id = 2963? What is your comments are not visible, such as violation of RLE, Kull, etc. The guy made a nice movie, only in this topic! And you talk to him about gravity. A Counter Strike, for example, when killed, too, need to be serious? Fall from a chair and pour yourself cherry syrup, for real. SDN, 15 years ago, #
Tsessna - it polusportivny aircraft. I do not think you have done one. But this is all nonsense, compared with the idea to perform this on Tu-154. It is not clear why only read RLE, teach KULP-154, but give tips and comments on piloting Tu-154, if you then fly under the bridge (​l?action=comments&;id=8818&hl=suzom #). No TU-154 for this is not intended, nor in the manual about it nothing is written. One thing is to do it for himself and another to put on public display, with the offending opponents. isc, 15 years ago, #
I, too, in CIME tried to fly under the bridge, only to Tsessne:) Transmetter, 15 years ago, #
To suzom: I do not deify the simulator and the sky seems to have deprived you. What you are Georgians, as you yourself have written below, I, too, is understandable. Speaking following does not apply to you. Show off one's smart and stupid-durachatsya. To you I have no claims, but if you agree with the words, "And people you know and deal with a serious form of simulator put before the board for the PC:), then you at least are not right. isc, 15 years ago, #
2 isc: No need to deify simulator. Even if destiny has deprived you of the sky, in which the jokes are really out of place, should not transfer their units to others. All or almost all normal people sometimes durachatsya, regardless of age, flying hours, income and social status. Another point is when a person does so in the life of, say, driving a car or airplane steering wheel ... suzom, 15 years ago, #
2Mitch: 100% support! Mazila, 15 years ago, #
To mitch: Not plyuyte to these people, and together with them and me. For many, the simulator is a great opportunity to get to heaven, to change destiny. Many sit on the ground or on the basis of health, or lack of money, or age, and for them to communicate with each simulator is a holiday. Your words, "And people you know and deal with a serious form of simulator put before the board for the PC:), so even with a smile you just taunted the men-SIMMERAMI with a capital letter. But thank you for your opinion. isc, 15 years ago, #
2isc, what we have strict mlGЅn ... And people ktoryh you know and deal with a serious form of simulator put before the board for the PC? :) I'm in, for instance, Sime, too, sometimes vytvoryayu is for that long would be lost and the pilot took off from work, it is a possibility of making the impossible possible:) PS: the familiar CEP vytvoril like shown in the clip, the real, but the Mi - 8. And the bridge was much lower:) Mitch, 15 years ago, #
"When I go on the subway, at Bagrationi, I cry - it's tears of pride, because this great military leader - my compatriot. And now my eyes the tears - I am ashamed that I, too, Georgia" V© Mimino suzom, 15 years ago, #
And we are not accused and not convicted, and the moves do not do, just do not see the band. Can suzom and felt the plane, passengers that he left on the ground. Usually, under bridges with TU-154 and have both times. In general, if you want to fly well and compare it with Kirby Chambliss, then you need to take a normal flight, or skip it though Tu-154, if it is easier and to show us here is:​lay?docid=- 2962232305033917430. Good luck, look forward to this clip, but the bridges are not serious. By the way in St. Petersburg this year will be to practice:) isc, 15 years ago, #
isc, something you really fold. The guy simply relax in the day decided poshalit. Then came Monday and was again seriously. And contempt for Sima and seven neprichem here. Maybe it even poznovatelno. I've watched such a plot about the A380, so there ispytalei to know that the way the tail of the plane and plow the land, and dispersed it to the M = 1.2. Maybe it felt too Suzom. Mazila, 15 years ago, #
I am accused of contempt of the simulator, simmeram, civil aviation and security - a very strong move. Thank you, that is not attributed to me eating Christian babies. : D suzom, 15 years ago, #
And if this is done today, the prison would be the entire crew, and quickly and permanently. Civil aviation is the discipline and order, so the reliability and security, rather than chaos and and malchishestvo. I know many people who are engaged in a serious simulator, commensurate their flights to these. They would have prevented this. In any case, thanks for your opinion on the simulator and the simmerstve. isc, 15 years ago, #
Flying without Paksi, the entire take-off of about 60 tons of ... Scenario Project ULLI 6.08. Quality is better not, because too dense buildings near the bridge and the cabling from frapsom got 8 fps: (in real bridge, it would be bad, because the speed, it was about 450 km / h. The most interesting thing is that the flight turned out the first time. suzom, 15 years ago, #
This is called the Russian aerobatics! AlCorb, 15 years ago, #
Cool ... And for that scenario? Bird, 15 years ago, #
Ai krasava! Pax probably obdelalis??? Mazila, 15 years ago, #