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A good song inspired me to create video .... see and evaluate what happened ...
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Bravo! jal, 13 years ago, #
It was nice to see. The song is good, but there is something to work. Thank you! Mihail Stepanov, 13 years ago, #
Why was landing Splash? You should know that the IL-76 like every verhoplan comes nose to the bottom, but not as the A320 kprimeru cocked nose to the top. In the final approach to the runway threshold of the IL-76 as the AN-12 is a nose to the bottom. Priterli not very soft. @ntuan, 13 years ago, #
Thank you, I will train .... While here we have those who only school and put pohlesche))) Wheels toko and change .. for just a few pieces might break off)) DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Bravo! I had exactly the same idea to make a movie about the VTA with this song)) sk1dman, 13 years ago, #
Course five. Especially for a song. Kort, 13 years ago, #
. Борт174, 13 years ago, #
A Th of shoals at the end of video?? Alvol, 13 years ago, #
Rather weak laptop while recording video ... he old me .. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Heartily! Смотрящий, 13 years ago, #
Beautifully turned Maxim90724, 13 years ago, #
Young Man, smarter! MAPC, 13 years ago, #
In online audio lags terribly, and quality is not especially. It is better to download. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Tchney ahead. Slip. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
These problems happen very often there are Maxim90724, 13 years ago, #
Thank you. Sky-Max, 13 years ago, #
You are in the VTA serving?) DEM0N, 13 years ago, #