27-Proboscis | Rating: 5!
Dynamic animated movie with Su27 aerobatics for aviation enthusiasts! Original sound track, great drive, many beautiful plans. All the video footage with contemporary aviasimulyatora LockOn. Video: XViD 480x352, 5min. There is a good video clip of Su27 aerobatics with original sound track and nice scenes. All the movie has been captured from LockOn. Video format: XViD 480x352, 5min.
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→ Date: 15 years ago (19.10.2005 15:11)
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→ Uploaded by: rost7 (uploaded 4 files )
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ЗдОрово! Lyafudre60, 8 years ago, #
Brilliant! airflanker, 15 years ago, #
This aviasimulyator Lock On Виталик, 15 years ago, #
And where to get such a aviasimulyator? Video was not able to see my modem:) Exeletor, 15 years ago, #
Good aerobatics and the angle! dreaman, 15 years ago, #