From somebody heard about the call of the gradient. And when he saw from the window "incident plane", it suggested that this is a sunset ... He ran for the camera and took off. Or is it a visual? Correct if that. A video of a sunset does IL 76
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This sunset reversal on the settlement. And that's what the gradient. You can try to modulate Sim. Gradient first time began to be applied in Afghanistan is at your own risk. Meaning - to fulfill all preplant maneuvers almost over the airfield, so as not to get into the zone of destruction of anti-aircraft vehicles. So, the approaches to the airfield at a height of 6000 meter course, the opposite boarding (or close to the opposite landing), all at once, regardless of the echelon of the transition, we set on the altimeter pressure airfield (later to be not before), landing gear and mechanization. Span neighbor: turn left with a roll of 60 degrees, ore at idle, reducing the vertical 50-60 m / sec. After completing a turn at 270 degrees, we remove bias (continue to decline), we pass over the strip with a course perpendicular to the ladder. Then again, bank left 60 degrees so as to get in on the near wing bands in turn gradually reduces the vertical. At the end of the second turn through 270 degrees should be just over a neighbor at a height of 60-70m with a planting rate. Removing roll, corrects course and vertical, sit down. In fact, despite the fact that this scheme is painted in RLE, virtually every regiment do with their nuances. But the general principle of the same. From the looks, of course, RѕR±R°R»RґRµRЅRЅRѕ, especially when the process of call is shooting for AMS-50. In the cabin - not a pleasant sensation. 76697, 13 years ago, #
FSX mission in this is even) Эрник, 13 years ago, #
Che is something distinctly odd in the Sim turns, barrel straight, get out of the peak did not work, slammed. VYLL, 13 years ago, #
I think that this is the final turn of the gradient - it's too much change in the height of 4m. RAID74, 13 years ago, #
Интересно, а на больших кораблях при крене за 45-ть тоже происходит смена рулей, как на лёгких пилотажных??? ~Anonymous~, 4 years ago, #
Ты с ума сошёл? Снижение с вертикальной 50-60 м/с? Это с 6000 метров за две минуты свалиться? С креном 60? serz141975, 2 years ago, #
Я понимаю, что он мне не ответит, просто интересно, почему много лет назад его нелепый комментарий наплюсовали? serz141975, 2 years ago, #
да неее! Там снижение в районе 25-30 м/c выполнялось...схема захода строилась от приводной радиостанции: выход на привод на высоте 6000м, выпуск шасси, механизации и перевод на снижение с вертикальной 25-30м/с. Сама схема могла выглядеть так: двумя разворотами на 180* (2х180), отворотом на расчётный угол, серией разворотов на 270* (как правило, 2 разворота). При этом, самолёт не выходил за пределы охраняемой зоны вокруг аэродрома радиусом 5-10км. Конечный этап захода и выход на посадочную прямую выполнялись на отрезке между ДПРМ и БПРМ - на прямую самолёт выходил на высоте 150-200м и дальнейшее снижение выполнялось уже с обычной вертикальной скоростью 3-3,5м/с. ZorgsteinKilloo, 2 years ago, #
5+++. ~Anonymous~, 2 years ago, #
Ну вот. Я просто искал методику взлёта и посадки с градиентом. Хочу на 76-м отчеканить. Наткнулся на этот пост и он порвал мой мозг. serz141975, 2 years ago, #
This is the usual visual approach. Thanks for the video greetings and Pskov. isc, 13 years ago, #
You're wrong! read the description of call along the gradient above, from 76,697. It was just working off of call along the gradient. On the wall of the building shows how much has changed altitude on one only 4m centerfold. RAID74, 13 years ago, #
That's right ... the most beautiful because of the house is not visible ... I hope to catch the moment when toak fly will shoot at the end .... or even with her father in a plane came by with Fotik ... DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Excellent video and commentary 76697. Thank you! dinsoft, 13 years ago, #
"... a set of gradient / decrease - the slope of the trajectory of the recruitment / decrease, the percentage of" Engineering approach "to the gradient - this is sunset on inaccurate systems with a constant angle (gradient) decrease in comparison with the traditional technique of step preplant reduction. Approach based on inaccurate systems - a landing approach on instruments, which does not provide vertical guidance (ie without a guide beam electronic glideslope CSC). Therefore, the applicable navigational tool used primarily for the guidance of course. plpc, 13 years ago, #
avtolend normal, just not autopilot pohmelyali morning Эрник, 13 years ago, #
весело однако там отдыхать наверно Bastler, 4 years ago, #
Обыкновенный заход по ПВП. Antey01, 5 years ago, #
чёртовы здания и деревья!!! видео резко обрываеца... Chekhomov, 10 years ago, #
да это стандартная схема визуального захода. Вот тут есть картинка​/2381.html IL-76_AiREO, 11 years ago, #
извините, оценку поставить забыл. Конечно же 5 за то, что не пропустили такую посадочку! IL-76_AiREO, 11 years ago, #
Шик) Greg22, 11 years ago, #
Excellent!) Grozach, 12 years ago, #
Breathtaking Anton789, 12 years ago, #
few! still go on! RAID74, 13 years ago, #
I will try to withdraw at the earliest opportunity))) DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Excellent video)))) romario82, 13 years ago, #
DEMON! I, too, from Pskov! Yesterday also saw these different from conventional transgressions, I have windows on the glide path. Here, a pancake, Pskov simmery not know? vomit avia, 13 years ago, #
I certainly was not from Pskov, but many times went there) Dad there) duck in the morning riding and IL-76 with the paratroopers directly below us at a height of 70 meters flew by) the noise was) so good) xMAGGOTx, 12 years ago, #
Thank you. I was witness to such visits, stood near the BMB, it was scary the first time. Too bad the camera was not with him :-( Mihail Stepanov, 13 years ago, #
Here is a vidos! super! qip88, 13 years ago, #
Video super! operator Rep. !!!)) SpeedDevil, 13 years ago, #
Class! By the way, if anyone in the so-Sim planted and vylozhet videos to the site ... most likely there atnyud not "five" will ...)) Striker_912, 13 years ago, #
Visual 5, beautiful and unusual, such a giant and so briskly. @ntuan, 13 years ago, #
Yes, the usual visual approach. At least since the start of shooting. FireFly, 13 years ago, #
Well, I do not dispute that he was normal, but personally I see the first time as IL-76 comes visually. So he usually yes. I've seen a visual approach Tu-134SH, too cool. @ntuan, 13 years ago, #
is not the usual visual approach. We draw attention to the change in the height of 4m and read above! :) RAID74, 13 years ago, #
And the roar! I submit that in reality .. alel5, 13 years ago, #
For all accustomed. I even sleep peacefully at night. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
I will sometimes roar of something great)) I guess the 32 runway UIIR go (STAR over the house passes). Sam I live 2.5 km from the UIII. Often I hear An-24/26, etc.) I'm used to) LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
I even when I sleep with open window, noise reverses 76x not awaken. I sleep fine.) DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Severe harbor residents)) LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
Blin, now it was dark, so I noticed that they also trap heat shoot. Beautifully. Too bad my camera is bad. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Movin nafig! LinkBacks what camera, shoot, will show the same did not see almost never. Take it off! @ntuan, 13 years ago, #
Tried - chenota in terrible quality, green and red lights. Light traps are very Voidwalker fig. That binoklb fun to watch. Pity I can not write. Yes, and have sort of stopped flying. Perhaps a break and a night shift flights will be. Maybe better off try. And of the few frames I have to have the video tapes as (again) IL 76 break for the film Personal Number. There, without the effects of conversations. If anyone interested - please, when will the time ottsifruyu and zalyu. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
This is where? Fridge, 13 years ago, #
In Pskov DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Eh, I'd like to have a view of the glide path of the window ALFER, 13 years ago, #
This is from the balcony. We climbed to the attic at home, which is on the screenshot. Here there cool. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Do not advise, especially the night before the rain pashtet, 13 years ago, #
Why? DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
The glass in the window ring and even did not sleep very successful:) pashtet, 13 years ago, #
Aah, well, I do not live there, there probably fun on the 5th floor of the living ... DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Here I have a friend there, she has windows on the end of the band goes, that's cool! :) Often it tusyu home) LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
but I'm her friend did not go for it))) Эрник, 13 years ago, #
YYYY)) LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
"First of all, the first thing ...") LainerRRW, 13 years ago, #
oh how he maneuvered =))))) Pilot1601, 13 years ago, #
Once the plane missed. I just washed the car in a garage. So he me chesanul ... And it was so .. Planes fly could hear the rumble, I mine. Suddenly, I hear a rumble somewhere close, I raise my head, and I see no particularly at high altitude aircraft with a lowered nose almost me scratching ... Look scary .. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
And as to understand the "Sunset on the gradient? pashtet, 13 years ago, #
I did not really know. Probably mistaken. I ask for help from those who know. DEM0N, 13 years ago, #
Interesting ... VYLL, 13 years ago, #
Planting 5 + video 3 delictados, 13 years ago, #