Only two parts (after all 50 minutes). Done, as you know, not for actual use, but for simmerov who do not have enough time or opportunity to study the documentation. Some procedures, binding on RLE - skipped. This material is useful in the initial stage of exploring this wonderful aircraft. Further and more detailed study it - in your hands.
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In his time with a video of the man I could fly on this machine ... make a circle. AirGh0sT, 10 years ago, #
How are we poor 5 years ago, flew to PT and doing circles without videoF? Probably from now, and grumble at the slightest pretext. mikuz, 10 years ago, #
2 AirGhosT And what made this range is not posted in the "video training"? Glize, 10 years ago, #
And who is looking for, he will always find a colleague. Lower the screen and eye dodolu until you hit a link FireFly, 10 years ago, #
And I can appreciate the flight is not only silent, but still no pictures. LOL:) FireFly, 10 years ago, #
thanks for the sequel! is waiting ego.rebyata, I beg you not napodayte to the author. using manual and this work is easier to reach all the details! I am very glad that the author makes a useful thing! If among you there are people on the more experienced, then do something like that, but everyone can leave comments! I am sure that this work will be very helpful for beginners! once again thanks to the author! will wait to continue! Please do not pay attention to the observations of experienced Simeria! the one who needs only himself to sort out, if not a fool! with respect ... TRIMTR, 11 years ago, #
God forgive me by, but before the details here far away ... Wait a video response;) bocman, 11 years ago, #
Как же давно это было...!! Когда-то именно благодаря этим роликам я научился заводить пт!!! WPPFight, 4 years ago, #
I liked it, no fuss ..... gudkon, 10 years ago, #
Super video, perfectly explained! Thank you very much for the work of the author. kolavia851, 10 years ago, #
Super video! Promedia, 10 years ago, #
Than he is a super, even with the big letters? Glize, 10 years ago, #
Glize, both rollers almost 2 years. Tell you that part just noticed, or just 2 years later began to notice the mistakes? What-are you two years ago, these errors did not indicate if the first was so literate? Enough of it already and make a fresh grant and remove these. Gennn, 10 years ago, #
Glize, yes everything! A person normally explains it all (for the most novice pilots then)! And you do not like Asli dany video manual, you do better and see how you obosreshsya there! Promedia, 9 years ago, #
Give it an excellent! Only for the fact that the only person who made an example of the flight performance of certain procedures, RLE is all good, but when it is seen and clearly it is 2 times better! But for critics like to say one thing: to make efforts and do something like this themselves, the criticism is good when done something myself in the same spirit! And while it's the only thing on this forum about video ostvoenie TU 154 on Fri! Slavick_od, 10 years ago, #
It would be desirable for other good cars like videos, because they are not enough: the Tu-134, Yak-40, AN-24, IL-18, etc. I would particularly like to refer to "dinosaurs" avsima, which for years sat on the site, criticizing everybody and everything and themselves nothing useful done - you know how to do everything - you and cards in your hand! Mihalch, 10 years ago, #
Class! And where can such a scenario to download? And Russian translation? Артемий154М, 11 years ago, #
If not mistaken, this scenario Tolmachevo.vot link, there is a description of all napisanohttp: / /​-44/unnt-tolmachevo-2008-novos​ibirsk-14344.html?action=downl​oad&;hl = % D0% A2% D0% BE% D0% BB% D0% BC% D0% B0% D1% 87% D0% B5% D0% B2% D0% BE Zikki, 10 years ago, #
Thank you very much! Gr1f0n, 11 years ago, #
Who puts it so? 50 m one pitch turned off and align, in a pancake aiRoNe, 11 years ago, #
not 50 and 30, to be precise. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
at 60m disabled completely ABSU and is landing with his hands. maximum that is allowed is the use of antibodies to the height of the alignment. But the very devil knows that aiRoNe, 11 years ago, #
2 aiRoNe: ABSU the air off unacceptable - with nevlyuchennoy ABSU flights are prohibited. URMT, 11 years ago, #
Here the question of how ABSU transferred back to the regime "helmsman" Сокол, 11 years ago, #
But what is there to translate? Button click and that's all. URMT, 11 years ago, #
I understand it by default and there is no need to specify a service unit? Сокол, 11 years ago, #
Exactly. URMT, 11 years ago, #
Очень полезный и информативный файл. Gennn - у СПАСИБО!!!
Если бы кто-то знающий с использованием скриншотов из этого видео сделал презентацию с более подробными комментариями - цены бы не было такому материалу! Может, сам автор найдет возможность подобным материалом продолжить своё нужное благородное дело?
simka2010, 1 year ago, #
Спасибо! AM154, 4 years ago, #
Огромное спасибо!
Материал востребован до сих пор!
А умники, как всегда потрепались, но ничего альтернативного не предложили, на том всё и осталось...
Продолжайте в том же духе!
Здесь писали, что есть подобный материал по другим крафтам, где можно их взять?
aviadriver, 8 years ago, #
. DDM, 9 years ago, #
+10!!! DoctorWax, 9 years ago, #
Liked it. Thank you. Although I do not PTshnik, but look very interesting. There was a question like this: when he turned in the opposite direction, the flaps, and the scoreboard flashes "landing gear", but it was not released. So do or not? Thank you! xeon, 9 years ago, #
Da.Tak should byt.Po RLE is dopuskaetsya.Rabota lighting board "landing gear" is a kind of reminder. Олейников, 9 years ago, #
Excellent! Victorious, 10 years ago, #
I looked .. At a training course does not pull. Vsmysle - the flight instructor. Not rated. VINNY-PUH, 10 years ago, #
Oh, come on ... Just some of our comrades avsima CzW and rolls over. serg09, 10 years ago, #
How many of these commercials are well done better ... that way?. Probably easier to criticize ... well as the author of these comments that hunting recaptured or do for all. The author I know personally how much he made training videos I can assure you not only on TU-154 as it is for the AN-24, IL-76, TU-134, AN-12 is far not the whole list and you think why they did not get here?. alex19620, 10 years ago, #
Cool! Only 5! Galimoshnik, 10 years ago, #
Well done, great landing, the pitch is really possible to turn off, when the ROLL-e have heard from the actual pilots, so do, in principle, nothing bad happens, at least a hundred times a day so delay.Zato not miss it) on STS so constantly doing never any crew or instructor did not comment, saying it is quite normal. (just shhh))) And then nabegut right now, the way to 134th so it is possible to do, and the Yak-42 Владимир Пахомов, 10 years ago, #
By the way the site has a pair of rollers with planting the 154th, where the touch is heard as disconnected from the roll ABSU, well, or as a whole, I think the roll all the same (audible beeping sound of the cab), another proof, how can pohalturit landing ))) Владимир Пахомов, 10 years ago, #
Vladimir, you did good-bye to the forum. I've been glad that was one less than the one who constantly is nonsense. FireFly, 10 years ago, #
If you are an experienced 60-of grandfathers, and honored the pilots, then we will believe you Владимир Пахомов, 10 years ago, #
Atte. Vladimir Pakhomov! Here delicate moment in the difference between the terms "may" and "need." You can at least up to the touch in the autopilot to go to Sim nothing bad will happen, and even his nose into the ground can be disabled if the crash. But I open RLE Tu-154 and I read "The CDF FAC disable the AP-click" DISABLED Autopilot "- a short (2-3 second) triggered the alarm, the on-screen mode will turn off" Track "," glissade "in the IP-46 on blenkerah "ROLL", "PITCH" sign appears on steering control. " And so they need to do to video sootvetsvovalo high plane was Training Video / DVD. Although I must say that, in principle, in the name of video is the phrase "Some of the procedures required for execution of RLE - skipped. However, newcomers usually skipped and not paying attention. A pity. hrjushkin, 10 years ago, #
Pakhomov, always heard the ringing, but he never knows where he is. Enabled stabilization or avtopilotopm one channel can be flown on the flight phase, in which the use of modes of stabilization and autopilot provided. But after the CDF or the stabilization or the autopilot on any channel or even two can not be used. FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Vladimir Pakhomov, give links to videos where the "roll" disables the touch. Then, as you said, "we will believe you." mikuz, 10 years ago, #
At the time of this movie on my stick was not a free button for her appointment by the joint venture to turn off the AP. Other way to disable it in PT I have not found. Later changed the controller and the buttons were added. Again, it is all there in the comments. Gennn, 10 years ago, #
I get home, I find Владимир Пахомов, 10 years ago, #
Still going or already are looking for? mikuz, 10 years ago, #
So I'm waiting for an answer to my question. (C) mikuz, 10 years ago, #
Vladimir, ay! mikuz, 10 years ago, #
Do not disturb. He is looking for. FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Well-needle) time is not always mnogo.vyhodnye not to search video.pozzhe Владимир Пахомов, 10 years ago, #
Counter for 3 days as included, Vladimir FireFly, 10 years ago, #
Vladimir Pakhomov, I congratulate you, the citizen sovramshi! mikuz, 10 years ago, #
Aaa ... so that's where there are videos with landings from disconnecting the autopilot pitch channel only left with the autopilot on a roll:) hrjushkin, 10 years ago, #
xax) 100500!) Санька-заЛЕТЧИК, 10 years ago, #
Thank you for the material is a big help for beginners Dummies, and lovers criticize the writing I do not respect. If such experts-make a video and see criticism in your address. sibkoma, 10 years ago, #
La, really valuable stuff. Thank you, Gennn. Blinker, 10 years ago, #
Such a training video on the TU-154 and with an estimate of 4.9 "? ... I do not understand to be honest. Download video a long time because he began and nearly mastered the carcass thank you very much to the author! Is a push to learn more please Fri and align it with the Flight Manual that is perfection, that's just downloaded a long time ago ... I apologize to the author for what put the estimate just now. not to speak a great video!. alex19620, 10 years ago, #
Eh ... smaller would be no such manual! Roma1364, 10 years ago, #
Less? Monumentum, 10 years ago, #
Thank you for your work. basiara1, 10 years ago, #
please tell me where to buy a plane for 10-ki? Dimos13, 10 years ago, #
no you 10-ka no substitute for real, efes Ninth Fri! VYLL, 10 years ago, #
that is, to put such an aircraft, you must install the 9-ku? Dimos13, 10 years ago, #
Yes 9ka needed, put you will not regret tupol154b2, 10 years ago, #
nine stake tupol154b2, 10 years ago, #
Dimos13 why just buy? Kapets ... now when the man something to offer, the first thing he thinks how much it costs, but only after everything else ((( Zikki, 10 years ago, #
Video is very pleased! Everything is clear! Thank you very much! That's just not figured out what was necessary to move when you press the button on the queue and there is pressure drops. Tell me, this plane where you can download? There's a Russian voice flight attendants and the captain of the ship. I downloaded the TU-154, but I have a little cover fire safety and other voices of the flight attendants and the captain of the ship there. Doxtor, 10 years ago, #
Thanks much! Michael999, 10 years ago, #
But in general I have problems with PLN, the feeling that he stupidly does not work, although on and the brightness is adjusted. But no longer does anything, so I was not shaking ...((( And may I ask where to get treatment voiceovers flight attendants to passengers? serg09, 11 years ago, #
PLN is not enough just to turn, it must be programmed, look at the forums, there are a lot of disk imaging in this teme.A stewardess turned to an alternative sound set of the crew, which comes from Fri 2.02, read the documentation for the model, it says as it replaced the original voiceovers. ROCK_AVIA, 11 years ago, #
Author of great respect! Very cognitive video for beginners. Once is better than to lay out a manual .... SegaToka, 11 years ago, #
Do please indicative of DDP and KLN mark979, 11 years ago, #
Excellent! For both parts! Сокол, 11 years ago, #
In efforts! Siriuss, 11 years ago, #
For effort, and desire to help beginners Evgen01, 11 years ago, #
After takeoff, left the flaps 15 is such an idea? Flaps 36 are released after the gear you got do.Zachem spoilers have been released on final approach? Early cleaning interceptors in mileage, they removed after the liberation of the runway. f380, 11 years ago, #
Flaps: the speed is not gained much, because not completely removed. And the spoilers are not released in this position, and are in position "at the ready" or "ARM". After crimping the main landing they are automatically released themselves. I have them on the landing did not touch. Very convenient. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
And. Interceptors are cleaned themselves after turning off the reverse, well, or simultaneously. ie after installing them in a position ready position, the lever did not budge at all. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
I understand this "lotion" Sim Reale in any mode "ARM" is not and never had themselves removed only internal spoilers, the finished-plane (I think they are all finalized) themselves are removed and the flaps at 28, it would be nice if it is done in the Sim this would add another drop of realism ... f380, 11 years ago, #
Well in CIME Boeing, airbasah and lira also makes provision for ARM. But in real?? Who knows, tell me. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
in the real foreign-produced brands have, but the carcass no. Ту154М 85123, 11 years ago, #
Then we can and hands. Not difficult. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
to airbas sit down, put fs2kryu and would you all like to get out Reale issued. a fact that itself is not out, it removes pravak for you. aiRoNe, 11 years ago, #
however, exceeded all the same maximum permissible speed with flaps 15)) you had a 425 limit instead of 420 CPM:)) DAR, 11 years ago, #
let's say 422 and it was. :) Gennn, 11 years ago, #
already kriminal.Vzlet at takeoff with a mass of 82t-obosnuyte.TCAS mode TA / RA forgotten place? PB was set at 60, the index HCC (the corona) at the TNG-1 was not installed on MKpos, switch navigation mo - 5 what was included and even commanding hands sooner vklyuchili.Dlya training video could show the work of the DDP KLN.Fary to include planting early, you can forget and overheat them (5min.ogranichenie). Disable AP below 30 metrov.Voobsche matter, of course , your, but for example, better to show the ideal (without interference) flight that could be seen on any lines that produce, remove, contain. f380, 11 years ago, #
in the USSR one pilotessu punished for the fact that it exceeded the speed of the landing gear at 1 km / h - on 401 instead of 400 DAR, 11 years ago, #
f380 - with TCASom everything is in order, the regime raised and even announced. DDP and KLN - it is better to do separately, because, as it the same file will be a lot of weight (to enable and configure KLN, to score a decent flight plan - 10 minutes of explanation). Disabling the CAM was under the command of "30 meters". In so far as I understand it, ILS systems of various classes allow otlyuchat AP at different heights. The oldest, at 60 meters, a class above - at 30 meters. A takeoff on the denomination or takeoff at such a weight on as I know, the pilot chooses at its discretion. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
Headlamps released in advance, and already included on the final approach for 2.5 minutes before landing. PB 60-yes, not exhibited. Crown not used. Why not include NAVIGATION AND ARROW?? Gennn, 11 years ago, #
AP via bank was left zemle.Ya did not write that it is impossible to include NAVIGATION ARROW, just that they were not included in delu.Po RLE lights are not available in advance, and after the release of the flaps at 45. f380, 11 years ago, #
Gennn, I have a tremendous request. Do not spread the video called "educational" when you yourself have to be in the role of student. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
FireFly, the previous rollers is the same there were many such requests. But they do not benefit from anyone. Few written specific comments. Write! RЈS‡S‚Sѓ and do again, even more correct. Maybe someday fix (with) all the flaws. And the old commercials ask admins to remove avsima. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
And you did no one advise and make "educational" video on his own understanding. And the format of the section "Files" for advice and comments fit worse. I'm ready to agree that starting and taxiing to you through half a year, finally managed to (100 people over the half-year made it yourself, just having mastered the documentation). But to get video sequence of normal flight, you need a lot of time. Without a video, but just fly! Right to fly, do not matter - your video in the "rate my flight" would be very worthy, at least not excluded from the general to the series. But it is not how to teach. I hope you understand me. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Whether such a video here a lot, then that same-hundreds of people have mastered, to a level not in six months, but much faster. The "Rate my flight" can be seen on the external beauty of flight and perhaps even a happy landing and all. But to submit to the court the correctness of the implementation of all actions during the flight and enable others to consider for themselves admitted shortcomings ... Then flight - not the main part of the idea. Therefore, in the "evaluate flight" to throw it the same inappropriate. Well, you got me-that is understood. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
So the fact of the matter is that with the correct action in the air here until nepodnyataya virgin land. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Since you are here for five years. Surely in five years had no desire to make and lay out a model flying in a circle?? I understand that the knowledge you have for that is enough. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
But Felix is not necessary, I think. He spends so much time on the myriad Kulp. I think we should say thank you already for that. Moreover, those who want to learn, learn in Kulp. Moreover, no video for this is not necessary. Kesson, 11 years ago, #
Format FSRecorder indefinitely. And in the media, sorry. At a minimum, your computer must have a performance that dragged and flight and recording together. Here you have the recording quality are eliminated. And imagine the same thing only version of the slideshow? If you imagine you can see this viideo. So fly most of our members talantliivye Kulp. FireFly, 11 years ago, #
Defoltnyih VAR, of course, RѕS‚R¶RµRі))) First, allow landing 2m sides with nalichstvovanii third on the runway, and then stole another one on the second, not by banning off to the author))) smart32, 11 years ago, #
Once recorded, I'm three times in the second sent to the permitted landing. So what could only sit down with the fourth attempt. :) Gennn, 11 years ago, #
We had to unscrew traffic settings Sim on 0 ... smart32, 11 years ago, #
Then just got bored-like. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
below 250m can not touch the throttle) rd May be mistaken, since a very long time did not fly in Sim (A further question what the instrument was considered SHPM? Shinolda, 11 years ago, #
I do not think just looked Remove from DME. Gennn, 11 years ago, #
Par set at a height of 260 provided a small weight. SHPM control of the DDP. Kesson, 11 years ago, #
.... I put 3 only for the fact that it is written that it is for beginners, for elementary education ... Errors pile of, well, you missed a lot of checking procedures, dog with him, while video is limited ... But do not do the right thing is what do you do?? Буторин, 11 years ago, #
The very first I'll start flying! We have it all together in unison and estimate! Артемий154М, 11 years ago, #
Who would have said. SovietUnion, 11 years ago, #
and chassis are removed when flying in a circle? I know that the Tu-134 no. Tu134, 11 years ago, #
In successive take off and landing ( "pipeline") - no. When odninochnom flying in a circle - are removed. bocman, 11 years ago, #
Я один пропустил в этом видео заявленные "настройку СП, и запуск"? Или "Некоторые процедуры, обязательные к исполнению по РЛЭ - пропущены." как раз оно и есть? guest-man71, 4 years ago, #
Заявлено, мне интересно качаю. не нахожу заявленного пишу что вижу. А вот заявлять одно, а выкладывать другое, как минимум не комильфо. Без оценки. guest-man71, 4 years ago, #
Это вы вопрос себе задаете или кому? Судя по оценкам, людям нравится. Если вы что-то пропустили, перемотайте назад, или очки наденьте. Snezhok, 4 years ago, #
Одел, перемотал, не нашел. Мнение людей ни коим образом не оспариваю. Высказываю свое. guest-man71, 4 years ago, #
Видео разделено на две части... Это вторая часть. Ссылка на первую, в описании видео... pavel1981xxx, 4 years ago, #
Очевидно, что настройка СП производится в 1-й части. Все, что заявлено, в этом видео мануале разложено по полочкам. limansky, 4 years ago, #
Отлично!Все наглядно!Теперь точно закачаю Тушку для FSX и начну осваивать!!! redaice, 9 years ago, #