Riga Aviation Museum has been located in the territory of Riga International Airport for many decades. The museum’s collection has been maintained and expanded for more than 50 years and has no analogues in the world in terms of uniqueness of the military and civil aviation exhibits.
The founder and manager of the museum, Victor Talpa, sought out, purchased, and transported exhibits from all over the world to create a unique place here in Latvia for lovers of history, technology, and aviation.
However, due to the expansion of the airport infrastructure related to the implementation of the RailBaltic project, the museum is now forced to vacate its current premises within a few months. If these requirements are not met, the museum exhibits will be scrapped.
Museum is urgently looking for a new place to place our many exhibits and continue the development of the museum!
Account for donations you may find here: https://www.facebook.com/Vital​ij.Borshch/posts/1022252055567​5734
Museum will also be grateful for any other help, as well as are looking for partners for successful continued development of the museum.
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Вообще-то земли под проект RailBaltica должны быть выкуплены. И этих денег должно было хватить всем и на всё. Кто-то скрысятничал, если их просто так выгоняют. А вообще... наплачутся они с этим RailBaltica. ~Anonymous~, 2 months ago, #
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Давным-давно у нас даже занятия проходили на территории этого музея. А сейчас больно смотреть... disp-nrsk, 2 months ago, #
Печально всё это... ZorgsteinKilloo, 2 months ago, #
Виктор Петрович, директор музея, рассказывает о музее: https://www.facebook.com/watch​/?v=1289098488151718 isc, 2 months ago, #