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Very sad video about the disbandment of the regiment in the VTA flying AN-12, very wisely chosen words of the author. Of served in this part was my father, after he was transferred to the city Serysheva, all this happened in the Far East Military District.
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So, unfortunately, all destroyed and are now forced to take a course to the west, falling down! duna, 13 years ago, #
The same happens with parts and VTA range aviation in the Arkhangelsk region, the VTA regiment! based in ULAH there were, and AN-12 and AN-26 and Mi-8 and Mi-26. Now even the plates removed from the parking area on the military side. Also with Katunin, Lahti such examples around the country, hundreds if not thousands. Poznee in h 28064 disbanded in 95 year, now it has remained one AN-26 which is based in ULAA. Insulting ... UPDOZNAK, 13 years ago, #
Whether more will be ... Ру19300, 13 years ago, #
Очень жаль два года отдал полку.а точнее.кдо.81й82й.жаль сница часто. ~Anonymous~, 6 months ago, #
Stay Balashovtsy! isc, 13 years ago, #
but what he had smoked? tranzit_il, 13 years ago, #
This effect of AI-20 engine VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Happened in your 94g. About a traveling seen what to say ... RњR›RЇ! Димсон, 13 years ago, #
The picture shakes eye! VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Thank you, I have at this airport served 25 years ago ... santamaria, 13 years ago, #
Pazhalasta, nostalgia!)) VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Score is not set, and so everything is clear ... All well now. I remember exactly the same in the 91-m well stall in the history of training regiment AN-12 from Mariupol. All then canceled at the putsch, but in reality razbazarili and sold everything. 49 sides BC and BP! Half of aviators pospivalas, half in Africa, or even where the trash. Entropy, in a word ...((( UR-OLK, 13 years ago, #
I have this video as a first love ... beautifully made with love ... I did not ask for the assessment of mood and in the camera work, editing, etc. But one hand is not raised no place to put! =)) VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Put 10 points. Third time reviewing. Impressed. UR-OLK, 13 years ago, #
Score a point, but the mood of the video itself forms a dark ... UR-OLK, 13 years ago, #
More health is when all of a sudden during a gene cleaning come to this video is at once put it, and look!)) Several times in a row! =)) PS filled video for flights of the same part is called the AN-12! Wait! VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Ok, let's isho! I understand you a lot of very interesting things there? A pleasure to download. UR-OLK, 13 years ago, #
Yes a lot!)) I have a collection for years, I have many family aircraft to fly! =) VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Upload all that do not mind, ezhli not laziness! The boom swing. UR-OLK, 13 years ago, #
Well ... VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Aga TAG, 13 years ago, #
Video smotret.Eto not hurt entropy, this wee ... dets! leksus, 13 years ago, #
The sad picture of (((It destroyed a great power! AN72, 13 years ago, #
= ((( VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
The sad picture. After disbanding Zavitinskoy part of us in the "City" Serysheva came to serve the good people of Zavitinska by friendly today. Score put RЅRµR±SѓRґSѓ, the hand is not raised. SIDWINDER, 13 years ago, #
Ok! Well, yes Serysheva is not a city as an urban type! =)) VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Thank you. kemjet, 13 years ago, #
And thank you for that? =) VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Sales have not yet watched, but I know what it is. vit_75, 13 years ago, #
This is my favorite movie of career ... VetalOK, 13 years ago, #
Thanks for the video. In my youth I remember, too, as my family moves from one gornizona to another, for those rasformirovovalis dimafly, 13 years ago, #
Pazhalasta! VetalOK, 13 years ago, #