Visiting Shanghai aerospace enthusiasts center/museum 上海航宇科普中心 is an aviation history museum in Shanghai, China. There are missiles and a DC-8 Airliner outside the building. Also a 3d video room and flight simulators. It is located next to station Jinjiang Park on metro line 1. Exit station (only one exit), underpass to the right, turn left when exiting the underpass. Walkabout 1 km. Pass amusement " Jinjiang " park, and a hotel, and a commercial building. The entrance is on right, the address is clearly marked on the gate, 7900 Huming Rd. The tail of DC-8 is visible from the sidewalk.
The ticket fee is 8 yuan. Working from Monday to Friday 09:00 - 16:00
List of aircrafts
Dongfeng 102
Harbin Z-5
Ilyushin Il-14M
McDonnell Douglas DC-8-61
Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-15UTI
Nanchang A-5
Shenyang F-8E
Shenyang F-5
Shenyang F-6
Shengyang XI-7 Jian Fan
Shengyang XI-9 Jian Fan
Quickie Aircraft Quickie 1
Microlight SB582
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Спасибо за видео. Интересно было. UASK-Fox, 3 years ago, #
О, я там бывал и не раз, небольшой но интересный музей!! Жаль что в Ил-14 и DC-8 в кабину не пускали.. Bas3, 3 years ago, #