This day the Christ has come,
To save our world from harms!
Glory eternal to it!
Winning darkness!
I congratulate with all the heart
With this pleasure big!
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There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is his prophet! UDVA, 10 years ago, #
please people of another faith, please go by this clip Zikki, 10 years ago, #
UDVA, +100500 Enterprise, 10 years ago, #
begins. need to respect the faith and religion, each person or subject-! KuZ9a, 10 years ago, #
No, I just like saying UDVA. Enterprise, 10 years ago, #
Allah is there is a God, in Arabic, as well as any Turk. God is One for all and all are equal before him. Religion is only a tool by which people (as they fondly believe) become closer to God. Choice of religion, it is still the choice of tariff plan. Who lives where, he then selects (if-like). For you have already decided everything and for you to choose! ZY None believeth in the history of mankind could not explain what God is. Hence the question: which is why all the fuss? КОТ, 10 years ago, #
I wonder who is more expensive for you? Prophet Magamet Which for you with big letter or God that you have some reason to malenkoy.Kto very expensive for you? VladTretjak, 10 years ago, #
UDVA is unrelated to any religion, especially Islam, because it does not have a clue saying that he wrote like a brainless parrot only able to mindless repetition of phrases out of place. Gennn, 10 years ago, #
Want to say 'a hundred times? And nichrome will not! tserg, 10 years ago, #