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Continue the series about the airport in Farming Simulator 17 try, experiment! In this video we have the Best airfield "Snake Gorynych" is a thermal blowing machine TOM-1 to remove icing from the skin of the aircraft; used methods of physical, chemical and heat treatment! look friends!

For reference: the physicochemical method was based on the removal of icing from the skin of Airliners using hot water and anti-icing liquid of the "Arctic"type.
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а как скачать данный мод? ~Anonymous~, 4 days ago, #
делай ролик с техникой оп уборки ВПП !! ~Anonymous~, 4 years ago, #
отлично спасибо
а я и не знал что на задний мост данного ЗиЛа насажено аж ШЕСТЬ колёс )
Chekhomov, 4 years ago, #
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