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FMGS A-320 real trainer | Rating: 4.8!
Trainer to work with efemeskoy watermelons. Here eslib its one thread in the plug or CAP added bylob everything in real. Program given in the pereuchivanii at SAS Flight Academy.
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→ Date: 13 years ago (11.10.2007 02:00)
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→ Uploaded by: stuplin (uploaded 2 files )
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how to add new airport data as indian airport pls let me know [email protected] ~Anonymous~, 1 month ago, #
Thanks ~Anonymous~, 1 year ago, #
how to add new airport data. it has only noway airports ~Anonymous~, 2 years ago, #
thx ~Anonymous~, 2 years ago, #
what's the serial? ~Anonymous~, 2 years ago, #
hi whats the serfial # please ~Anonymous~, 7 months ago, #
0 ~Anonymous~, 3 years ago, #
seriel? ~Anonymous~, 3 years ago, #
serial? ~Anonymous~, 3 years ago, #
THANK YOU VERY MUCH . CAPTAIN AHMED ~Anonymous~, 3 years ago, #
THANK YOU ~Anonymous~, 3 years ago, #
I am not able to download the file please help me ..or please send the link PM [email protected] odin104, 8 years ago, #
THANK YOU cardose, 12 years ago, #
THANK YOU prada76, 12 years ago, #
A simulator for the overhead and you do not? Клумба, 13 years ago, #
Once entered the flight plan, you must identify and vbit skorsti for takeoff. Then, on the "FUEL PRED" in line "GW / CG" to enter take-off mass. After this, the take-off mode and go! rw4csm, 13 years ago, #
As vbit initial data and flight plan (including SID and STAR), I addressed. Here is how to make it "fly" - is not catching. Could a short tutorial somewhere? Gorynych9, 13 years ago, #
Class! Thank you! That would Simovsky Airbus to tie it, the price would not have been ... Pirozhenko Evgeny, 13 years ago, #
And where to base? No PPos can not enter, c how to start? real134pilot, 13 years ago, #
What is your version? Does the latest database? I have v3.02. sergejv, 13 years ago, #
Thank you, good people. polarfox, 13 years ago, #