Military livery for the 1945 Pitts S-2S Special aircraft, taken as a hybrid from similar biplanes AN-2 produced by the war years of the USSR, produced by me for the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory. This is just a coloring that has nothing to do with the support of militarism, but visually aesthetic, khaki colors and disguises on grassy airfields and fields. Apply it and remember that it is produced for peaceful purposes only.
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За работу.
- А на фига?
Antey01, 1 month ago, #
В военные годы (если имеется в виду ВОВ), в СССР не производили бипланы Ан-2. ))) Казачок, 11 months ago, #
Спутали с По-2. Глеб, 11 months ago, #
Он бы появился перед самой ВОВ , если бы нерусь усатая не зарубила. Lion777, 11 months ago, #
Так и есть)) AndersonX, 10 months ago, #
ну епрст раскусили)) AndersonX, 10 months ago, #