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Landing | Rating: 4.6!
Dedicated to all "pasatkam at avsime
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→ Date: 13 years ago (12.07.2009 01:25)
→ Author: Шалагин Антон
→ Uploaded by: dr_anthony (uploaded 17 files )
→ Approved by moderator: Aleks_Balagur
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reverse .... птаха_07, 12 years ago, #
section dr_anthony, 12 years ago, #
Yes, although I would have to learn to pinch! In real, not in real ... Where are we, "crawling" to take real? That's why we sit in the Sims, that the real - only in dreams! Reach! Wett, 12 years ago, #
good, but too lifted nose, very risky. only for the Sim's Landing! mihasik, 12 years ago, #
standards, but could fall in the real ... pilot-bess, 12 years ago, #
Good !!!!!!!))))) RA-78813, 13 years ago, #
standards tranzit_il, 13 years ago, #
A good landing, but the engines were sleeping! Reverse at the end of run at 60 knots clean! AirBoy, 13 years ago, #
at 80 knots dr_anthony, 13 years ago, #
80 kts - idle rev to 60 kts when to taxi speed so that the load can be even up to a stop. The truth is the essence not the reverse ... dr_anthony, 13 years ago, #
"girl" booty pochrpnula ... ) FalconB, 12 years ago, #
Сам процесс оченно гутно выполнен! Oceanair, 8 years ago, #
Согласен,посадка супер! TURBOdt11, 8 years ago, #
Не обращай ни на кого внимания) хорошо сел) пилот жив- полет удался!) solomon0033, 8 years ago, #
Аэропорт "Кемерово" как написанно в видео. Где можно взять сценарий этого аэропорта? vinchesteras, 9 years ago, #
сказать "мягко сел" тут значит ничего не сазать)...да развеж такое бывает?))) пилот до карьеры пилота в аптеке работал))) Brosok, 9 years ago, #
Nonsense ... do it humor and humor in Africa ... not rated. Django, 10 years ago, #
Standards) Music is not very current. Grach-01, 11 years ago, #
And I laugh with that? Grixa_95, 11 years ago, #
and this PDMG? Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
ugh ... it PMDG?) Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
This ZVP, ugh PGMD, ops, PMDG dr_anthony, 11 years ago, #
)))) dr_anthony, 11 years ago, #
))) Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
We ought to buy, make a gift to the NG. And the music, if not mistaken, cool? Ил-86110, 11 years ago, #
Aha dr_anthony, 11 years ago, #
and where the sparks from under the priests? DAR, 11 years ago, #
booty he has not touched Ил-76, 11 years ago, #
and it was necessary))) DAR, 11 years ago, #
1. Перелет не большой (на оценку не повлияло, просто возьми к сведению)
2. Реверс я хз на скольки узлах убирают на Боинг'e, но выключать надо.
P.S. Летаю на ил-76-ом, убираю реверс на 100 км/ч.
3. Остановился на ВПП, а если сзади самолет?
4. Нос задрал.
5. И мне кажется, что эта полоса не для Боинга была.
Ил-76, 11 years ago, #
Good morning:) By the way, is to "humor":) RAID74, 11 years ago, #
Case) Ravnmm, 11 years ago, #
I know it's in the "humor", but can someone tell me a stupid thread that is funny? Ил-76, 11 years ago, #
title march pilot-bess, 11 years ago, #
муз. сопровождение тут смешное какбэ наверно. Реверс убирают на 60 узлах. ToxaLetchik, 8 years ago, #
Landing, as posadka.A humor in what?? Alvol, 11 years ago, #
Done! Rate set at 5, so as to put kanechno 4, the nose lifted a little, but overall not bad himself flying on Bobby .. Linorig, 11 years ago, #
Autoland (think so)? Airbus350, 11 years ago, #
I'm also from those who Nikki is not vkurit why and what's HUMOR, so the normal landing, of course smart dohrena who say there nachyinaet throw pipets, but hands should tear for such planting, fun person, literate cow planted maksim_imt, 12 years ago, #
cow that IL-86 or IL-96, and this jumbo jet, and that's all!) pro100gamer, 12 years ago, #
potsrioty rage, cons put))) pro100gamer, 12 years ago, #
а ведь похоже на правду,ну действительно,какая же он корова,хоть быком назвали что ли ))) simxkz86, 9 years ago, #
Of course, five and five Mouzon! AFL336, 12 years ago, #
Good Music.) Anthony, 12 years ago, #
Che reverse and spoilers only after touching the bow rack? Well, and many other reasons =) VLAD007, 12 years ago, #
Che section already broke to see? There are many reasons for this pasatka would not take place at all. dr_anthony, 12 years ago, #
Che reverse it up to the parking lot was included? Zorgair, 12 years ago, #
Zorgair, What parking? Video on the strip is cut off! And how can it be switched to parking? Reverse gear, whether that dr_anthony his parked Gone? To display it easier ... And then Comedy section ... (Then the previous message would have been the subject)) Airbus350, 11 years ago, #
what are you still fool, I meant that the reverse is not necessary so to stop the burning! Zorgair, 11 years ago, #
The span was not small. ridetoglory, 12 years ago, #
Excellent pasatka Басорумба, 12 years ago, #
And why in humor? I think a good pasatka) korsar795, 12 years ago, #
..... armaviaEK, 13 years ago, #
beautifully) SEAMAN, 13 years ago, #
like the brake in the floor with their feet at the last second - I even poslyshalsya squeak brake discs:))) RAID74, 13 years ago, #
They, too, he vidio szhog Ил-76, 11 years ago, #
namalnaya pasatka. as always glitches sima from the chassis - long, aligned with the trolley mega1, 13 years ago, #
nichO so decently Posada!) qip88, 13 years ago, #
not Pasadena, and planted:))) RAID74, 13 years ago, #
:)))) qip88, 13 years ago, #
harasha pasatka) xxlifes, 13 years ago, #
For the name roller. It is time to begin to respect the language spoken. Gladkov rights. ko4eBNik, 11 years ago, #
Please read before you assign a rating. ridetoglory, 11 years ago, #
Listen, kochetyreeBNik ... I'm human first and foremost is that, unlike you, discern where the illiterate language, but where frank banter. Gladkov, 11 years ago, #
Excuse me, what kochetyreeBNik ... ? Just because I ask. The word is not familiar. susanin, 11 years ago, #
susanin Gladkov meant ko4eBNik, the author of this commentary. Ravnmm, 11 years ago, #
And if it's in Russian Nomad. =) denirk, 11 years ago, #
And again Gladkov. Does not rest, not realizing that not only he is given literacy ... Come on, go on, monsieur))) How much can you make yourself an image out of nothing? Each child was trained in Russian language. Perhaps someone stronger than you in the exact sciences at times, but it's unlikely there to check. In short, your, this struggle for the purity of Russian personally I already podzadolbala. Find what is an occupation poprestizhnee online .. goaley, 11 years ago, #
Gentlemen are leisurely small talk. Top to bottom: 3 months ago 2 months ago, 1 month ago today:) FireFly, 11 years ago, #
goaley, you have at this time, Moscow has not worked. I do not understand what you mean - I was there a word no one blamed in the grammar. Now sluhay syudy, as was the case. Roller was originally called "Pasatka", it then someone from the moderators corrected. ko4EBNik adopted the word "pasatka at face value and began to accuse the author's ignorance - just like you he did not have enough brains to understand that the author is not ignorant, but stebetsya that word. Gladkov, 11 years ago, #
In such a mass of yes on these corners, but with such a flight. The challenge is not priteret at any cost. Yes, looks very soft, but not safe. isc, 13 years ago, #
yeah .... the mass of exactly pleasing )))... long plakal))) Ди_Джей, 11 years ago, #
Do not Boeing and Boeng! ) barsykoff, 13 years ago, #
Boyang! Колесник, 13 years ago, #