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In this package the scenary of the international airport “L`viv” (the airport “Sknyliv”, the code of IATA:
LWO, the code of ICAO: UKLL) – the largest airport of the western region of Ukraine by passenger flow and
route network is presented.
Currently, in connection with the Championship of Europe in football 2012 extensive repair work is being
done at the airport: a new terminal for international transportations is being built, the runway is being
reconstructed, etc. In this regard the given scenary reflects the present situation not very accurately, but is
more a combination of what was before the reconstruction with what is nowadays. In its visual part it is
more like an “old” airport, in the plane of executing flights – like modern.
Afcad: Corresponds to all the latest updates in the airport functioning. It is made according to the charts
from 07.04.2011. It is not intended for using without the scenary.
3D objects: Models of all basic buildings and radio engineering facilities on the territory of the airport as
well as some buildings in the approach area are made. Approximately 200 unique objects are generally
included in the scenery.
Ground polygon: Covers the territory of the airport. All seasons + night are present. The runway, a
platform, TWY are developed in details.
Phototerrain: Is made on the basis of a satellite picture with the resolution of 0,77 m/ px. Because of a
large size, only the following seasons are included into the stage: summer, winter, hard winter, night. It is
fully covered with autogen (houses placed – 4405 pieces, trees – 21831 pieces).
Landclass: Present. Realized: a detailed landclass of L`viv, settlements in the radius ~ 25 km, forests in the
radius ~ 40 km, main roads and railways.
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And no plans to support AES? ) Smooky, 10 years ago, #
Thank you guys for the feedback. Here:​c/116654-ukll-lviv-internation​al-for-fsx-v-100/page__view__f​indpost__p__1835774 posted a small addition to the scene. deneb, 10 years ago, #
Это бы наверх прикрутить, как связанные файлы ICanFlyMan, 7 years ago, #
Super! Give us more scenes under a 10-ku, good and different! )) Alex_buka, 10 years ago, #
Thank you! Excellent! koguch, 9 years ago, #
Без оценки, из уважения к проделанной работе.
Но, однако же, аэропорт в реале уже год как достроен, пора тракора убирать с ВПП.
ICanFlyMan, 7 years ago, #
а между тем...файл сюда залит 2 года назад! Zorgair, 7 years ago, #
На то время соответствовал, но время идет... ICanFlyMan, 7 years ago, #
Вот и заканчивается эвро. Львовский аэропорт работает, все вроде сделано, а вот нового сценария пока нет.
Большая просьба, сделайте новый сценарий.
за ранее большое спасибо.
23denis81273, 9 years ago, #
так выразились, как будь-то сценарий сделать раз-два и готово. Jeno, 9 years ago, #
Не раз-два, но доделать-то надо. Что было актуально два года назад, то уже минуло. ICanFlyMan, 7 years ago, #
Спасибо!) igor_spb, 9 years ago, #
Без слов. DarkSideMaster, 9 years ago, #
Детально, спасибо, будем прилетать. Roma1364, 9 years ago, #
Otlichneg, Dear! tehnolog, 9 years ago, #
The best of what I saw of the scenarios for the CIS 10ki, BRAVO! DeltaIV, 9 years ago, #
Great scene! AceFly, 10 years ago, #
Great podyaka of Lviv! If there LUVs neschodavno then spetsialno looking to the airport. Simply elegant zmodelovano, navit radar there stoit mayzhe so yak Yogo is seen vikna ochikuvannya room:) Just super. And from ILS dumb ... reallizm the good ale just want to know where scho deprivation vizualno sadzhayut at once?? Chi Airport vzagali supercritical? MrFox, 10 years ago, #
Nemaє for scho:) They send them now to VOR / NDB. Wanted to close, but changed their minds, simply shortened the band. deneb, 10 years ago, #
Thank you! modest1, 10 years ago, #
Something I did not want to catch the ILS. Dev give visual approach. Really it is, or is it a glitch? mexicoz, 10 years ago, #
I understand, decided to make the state of this airfield repair, as in real life, but what for it is not clear. Moreover, he, as far as I know, now, does not take heavy vehicles. Yesterday decided to sit in it for 747, had to manually do it, I thought that disconnected from the strip, but it seems successfully, but it's simply a matter of some sort. Even though the job I liked, worked hard! I will probably wait until a full Lviv airport;) mexicoz, 10 years ago, #
Excellent. BlackKSV, 10 years ago, #
Fine. And even the bridge and gate Repair Base on the spot. Thank you! Sterner, 10 years ago, #
+ SLAVJAN, 10 years ago, #
Finally waited, thank you. Voron777, 10 years ago, #
Thank you very much!. alex19620, 10 years ago, #
Thank you! Repinn, 10 years ago, #
takin, thanks! kdv, 10 years ago, #
class! seric76, 10 years ago, #
Oo! Mega dyakuyu! Shake .. Basss, 10 years ago, #
Vellikolepno! Vital handsome! 'll Have stolitsі, іz mene bochechka beer! Basss, 10 years ago, #